LUMINA: Embrace the Darkness, Fear the Light

Lumina sci-fi movie news - Moviehooker

It is always nice to report the movie news of new sci-fi, especially the alien abduction kind, and that is what it looks like we got with Lumina  Lumina is about a group of friends at a pool party and one of their friends goes missing without a trace. With every other avenue explored, the friends come to the … Read more

Forgotten Greats No.4: The Living And The Dead 2006

For part 4 of Moviehooker’s Forgotten Greats, I have chosen Simon Rumley’s The Living & The Dead from 2006  The Living And The Dead is a different kind of horror film. A film that truly shows the horrors that can happen to any one of us and the torment that some people face with mental … Read more

Press Release: The Girl In The Trunk (2024)

The Girl In The Trunk - Press Release Moviehooker

The Girl In The Trunk sounds very similar to a German film Moviehooker reported on a few months back. Check out the official press release below Claustrophobic thriller, The Girl In The Trunk set for UK & US Digital Release this May   Available on Digital Download in the UK & Ireland and USA & Canada … Read more

The Coffee Table Review 2024: Dread-Fill Devastation

Coffee Table review - Moviehooker

The Coffee Table featured on a Moviehooker list written last year. It is not very often a poster that comes with the saying “A Cruel Film by”. That is what grabbed my attention. So, was it as cruel as the poster states? The Coffee Table is about a couple called Maria and Jesus who have … Read more

The Black Guelph review: Step Into The Inferno

The Black Guelph - Moviehooker Review

The Black Guelph was released in Ireland in 2022 and is now now getting some attention in the U.S. For fans of dark and gritty dramas that prove not all stories have the happy ending, we have been programmed to believe. The Black Guelph doesn’t shy away from the gloomy, depressing reality for a lot … Read more

News: Press Release For New Lovecraftian Found Footage Film Frogman

Frogman Review Moviehooker

Who doesn’t love a Lovecraftian found footage about the legend of the Frogman? If it’s a slimy land-walking amphibian, reptile or tentacled being then you know what that means? that’s correct ladies and gentlemen, it’s H.P Lovecraft aka Lovecraftian and this one sounds as Lovecraft as they come. Check Out The Official Press Release Below … Read more

SMALL THINGS LIKE THESE: New Irish Indie Starring Cillian Murphy Leads Berlinale Film Festival

Small Things Like These - Moviehooker

A new Irish independent feature Small Things Like These has been chosen as the opening film for this year’s Berlinale International Film Festival  Starring and produced by Cillian Murphy and co-starring the great Ciaran Hinds and Emily Watson directed by Tim Mielants. It is based on a short novel by Claire Keegan with Enda Walsh … Read more

Shudder Snaps Up New Indie Horror SKINAMARINK

SHUDDER ACQUIRES VIRAL SENSATION SKINAMARINK FROM BAYVIEW ENTERTAINMENT Looks like Shudder will have another hit on their hands with new indie horror Skinamarink. There’s been a huge buzz around this film and I’ve definitely heard more good than bad so I can’t wait to see what’t in store from Kyle Edward Ball’s directorial debut. We are happy … Read more

Boiling Point review: There’s Tension in Hells Kitchen

Boiling Point review - Moviehooker

Boiling Point recently hit Netflix. I highly recommend you hook yourself up with this one Boiling Point may not sound like an interesting premise for a lot of people. The film is shot in one take and follows a head chef and his staff in a restaurant on the busiest day of the year. That’s … Read more

Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes Review

Beyong The Infinite Two Minutes Review

There are so many reasons why Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes is such a great viewing experience but only one reason why the film works so well Most of everyone involved are part of a theatre company called Europe Kikaku. Actually, Europe Kikaku is quite a popular company and thousands of fans flock to see … Read more

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