Fantasia Festival Review – They Look Like People

  They Look Like People is a micro-budget horror/drama written and directed by Perry Blackshear. Since it’s première at Slamdance 2015, They Look Like People went on to win multiple awards at different festivals throughout the year. The film follows Wyatt (MacLeod Andrews), a nice guy who is just down on his luck.  He Continue Reading


6 Deeply Disturbing Psychological Films

A list of 6 films that disturbed me so much they have a permanent residence in the back of my mind.  Michael Michael is the directorial debut from Austrian filmmaker Markus  Schleinzer. The story of an insurance salesman called Michael. To everyone around him, Michael seems to live a quiet and boring life.What they Continue Reading

Official Trailer For Festival Favourite – THE STANFORD EXPERIMENT

Some of the finest reviews that I have read this year have been for festival favourite –The Stanford Experiment. The film is based on a true story that took place back in 1971 in Stanford University Psychology Department, which was conducted by head-the-ball professor Dr. Philip Zimbardo. . The chosen students Continue Reading