10 of the Best Australian Horror Movies

Australian Horror Films A Moviehooker List

I am back with another new list of Australian horror movies. Recently, we have had a huge surge in traffic from Australia, so it’s only fair that we continue to feed that monster! Okay, so maybe not all of these are extreme but a good majority of them are. I can safely say though that … Read more

Upcoming Slashers Movies 2024

Upcoming Slashers - Bloodline Killer - A Moviehooker List

I am back with a new list of upcoming slashers that have been recently released or arriving throughout the year.  This wouldn’t be my favourite of the horror genre but I know a lot of my readers love a good ole slasher flick so I must hook you up with all the upcoming slashers I … Read more

More Horror Films Coming Your Way Soon

Humane - New Horror Films 2024 A Moviehooker List

A new list of horror films that will be released so or throughout the year. This is our 8th list of the year with zero signs of us slowing down. There is just so much awesome content to hook you all up with. HUMANE The directorial debut from Caitlin Cronenberg, the daughter of David Cronenberg … Read more


Bleakest Films With The Bleakest Endings - A Moviehooker List

A new list of films featuring some of the bleakest endings guaranteed to rip your soul apart. MARTYRS Pascal Laugier’s, Martyrs pushed a lot of boundaries when it came to on-screen violence and was one of the leading titles in the French Extreme Movement.  The story of two friends on a quest for vengeance when one … Read more


Home Invasion Movies - A Moviehooker List

KIDNAPPED A family who live in a gated community are attacked in their home by three masked criminals. They take the family hostage and force the father to go with one of the criminals to withdraw money from an ATM. The family are tortured and beaten severely until their survival instinct kicks in they begin … Read more

Fantastic French/Belgian Crime Films


I am back with a new list of classic French/Belgian Crime Thrillers.  Ten Fantastic French/Belgian Crime Thrillers. We’ve everything from serial killers to bank heists, to gangland and drug movies. A PROPHET The story of a petty criminal who rises through the mafia ranks while imprisoned in a French jail. A Prophet is one of … Read more

Asian Serial Killer Movies

Best Asian Serial Killer Movies - I SAW THE DEVIL - Moviehooker

I’m back with another list of awesome films. I have just completed a Top 15 of Asian Supernatural films and moved on to the Best Asian Serial Killer Films. if you’re a fan of Asian serial killer movies then chances are you will have seen a lot of these. However, I do guarantee you that … Read more

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