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Neill Blomkamp’s demonic – check images and behind the scenes Footage

As a massive fan of Neill Blomkamp, the best thing to come out of this God damn pandemic was the news that Neill Blomkamp has somehow managed to shoot a movie during this whole shit-storm of events. Not only that but Blomkamp’s new film is a horror film, and while his sci-fi flicks do have elements of horror in them, this is his first feature in the genre. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Blomkamp movie without some sci-fi too.

I am delighted to share with you all the official press release from IFC Midnight for Blomkamp’s new horror, Demonic. The press release includes the first released images, as well as release info and a behind the scenes look at the film.

Nathalie Boltt in the horror film, “DEMONI” an IFC Midnight release. Photo courtesy of IFC

Take a look at a newly released behind the scenes featurette


Directed and Written By: Neill Blomkamp (DISTRICT 9, ELYSIUM, CHAPPIE)

Starring: Carly Pope, Chris William Martin, Michael Rogers

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Run Time: 102 minutes | Rating: Not Rated Yet


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Updated: Neill Blomkamp’s New Horror Film – Plot & Release Date Added

Neill Blomkamp has shot a supernatural horror film

Another big win for us in 2020. District 9, Chappie, Elysium director and writer, Neill Blomkamp has secretly shot a supernatural horror movie. Deadline reports that the new unnamed project was shot in beautiful British Columbia and is made up of an entire Canadian cast

Even though Blomkamp’s previous movies had slight elements of horror, this will be his first full-on horror movie…and yes, the film will have some sci-fi elements to it. This is exciting news!.

Blomkamp hasn’t released a feature-film in years (since Chappie) he has been busy releasing short sci-fi flicks on YouTube. The pandemic put a temporary stop to his Taylor Kitsch action thriller, The Inferno.

His short sci-fis are amazing and well worth your time. He has been doing these via his production company, Oats Studios. They delve way more into the 18c-R-rated horror category. Why? Because he doesnt have some bigwig studio exec telling what he can and can not put in his film. He is the big chief. So, if you haven’t checked out Blomkamp and his talented af team from Oats Studios, then do yourself a favour and sort that right out. The shorts range anywhere from 3-minutes to 30-minutes long.

You can watch the full volume 1 on YouTube or on Amazon Prime Video. My personal favourite would have to be Zygote. A gruesome sci-fi cosmic body horror that’s an offspring of a H.P Lovecraft story and Dead Space. You can check out Zygote here! Enjoy You will soon find out how good Blomkamp and co are at creating nerve-shredding horror.

When more news on Blomkamp’s new supernatural horror film is released, you guys and gals will be one of the first to know.

UPDATED: We now have the title of Blomkamp’s new supernatural horror film. It is called DEMONIC.

Demonic will be released via IFC Midnight. A release date has been confirmed for August 20th. Mark that date in your calendar, folks!

Official Plot

In ‘Demonic’, a young woman unleashes terrifying demons when supernatural forces at the root of a decades old rift between mother and daughter are ruthlessly revealed in this horror-thriller from director Neill Blomkamp.

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Peter Weller Has Reportedly Turned Down Neill Blomkamp’s Robocop

It looks like Peter Weller won’t return for Neill Blomkamp’s ROBOCOP RETURNS

I thought I would give you all a quick update on Neill Blomkamp’s upcoming Robocop sequel, Robocop Returns. It ain’t good news I’m afraid. If the recent buzz around the web is correct then Peter Weller will not return to reprise his role as Alex Murphy aka Robocop. According to superbrosmovies and flickeringmyth, the news is looking to be true.

Would you have liked to see Peter Weller return one last time as the law enforcing cyborg?.

Robocop Returns article
If they were a band, their first single would be “Can You Fly, Bobby?”

I really don’t mind who gets cast as Robocop. As long as Blomkamp is the man in the director’s chair then I am onboard 100%. After everyone being let down with Jose Padilha’s 12-C reboot, there is only room for improvement. Blomkamp has the visualisation to do this franchise justice and bring it back to the fans and masses.

Listen, why don’t they just go with Blomkamp’s leading man, Sharlto Copley?. I could watch that guy in anything. A crazy South African Robocop would be a whole different kind of crazy.

Robocop Returns will be based on the original script by Michael Miner and Ed Neumeier that never got used for the sequel to Paul Verhoeven’s original classic.

We also know that the new instalment in the Robocop franchise will be R-Rated so expect a lot of people gettting torn to pieces with machine guns.

Official Plot for Robocop Returns

“Anarchy reigns and the fate of Detroit hangs in the balance as RoboCop
makes his triumphant return to fight crime and corruption.”

Not a lot of plot details there but we know what to expect. As soon as I hear of any updates, you guys will be the first to know.

Here is a great interview with screenwriter Ed Neumeier on how he created the original Robocop

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Neill Blomkamp To Direct Robocop Returns For MGM

Sci-fi maestro Neill Blomkamp has the green light for a sequel to 80’S cult classic ROBOCOP

Unlike a lot of my 80’s guilty pleasure movies, Robocop has aged like a fine wine. The recent remake by Jose Padilha had some amazing ideas. It was a victim of the production companies, who wanted a safer, less-violent reboot to get more asses on the seats at the box-office. It didn’t work, maybe if you were a twelve-year-old and getting introduced to Robocop for the first time. Fans of the original felt cheated, it lost the mindless violence and mayhem that flowed through the original so effortlessly.

Now that we have seen a rise in popularity in r-rated movies, I am certain Blompkamp will give us the film we deserve.  We all felt a little bit hurt when we found out that Blomkamp’s adaptation of the Alien franchise was dead in the water.  Now that he is rebooting another classic with equal importance to the Alien franchise then I know Blomkamp will deliver on all levels.

Robocop Returns

Robocop told the story of rookie cop Alex Murphy (originally played by Peter Weller) who suffers a horrible and violent death on his first day on the job.  Death was only the beginning for Murphy as his remains are used to help build the ultimate crime-fighting cyborg cop known as Robocop.  What they didn’t expect was Murphy’s own conscious is still very much alive beneath all that circuitry making him part-machine and part-human.

Blomkamp has been quiet on the big screen. He has been putting his heart and soul into his independent film studio Oats Studios.

If you have somehow managed to let Oats Studios slip past you then you will be nothing less than blown away by the content they are releasing via their YouTube channel.

More info to follow as news in announced. As always, thanks for reading.