Tyrant: New Park Hoon-Jung Sci-Fi Action Movie

Tyrant Park Hoon-jung

A new sci-fi action film on the scale of The Witch called Tyrant from the great Park Hoon-jung is on its way! Park Hoon-jung is back yet again with a brand new new action movie. Hoon-jung has said that the tone of his new movie Tyrant would be similar to The Witch. This is really … Read more

Night in Paradise it’s not a gangster movie, it’s a movie with gangsters in it

Night In Paradise – When we talk about Park Hoon-jung, we talk about a storyteller. Night in Paradise tells us the story of Tae-gu and Jae-yeon; their lives end up intertwined for a bigger purpose, without knowing it (nor planning it), but they share something in common: the loss of their families in the hands … Read more

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