Downrange 2017

Downrange (2017) Ryuhei Kitamura Shows Off In Indie Style

Downrange airs on 26th April 2018. If you like films set in single locations, then this is one not to miss. Directed by Ryuhei Kitamura who’s behind classics like Versus and Midnight Meat Train. It’s a simple premise done well. Don’t think about it, relax and just watch the movie.


Lake Nowhere Takes Us All Back To Where Slasher Movies Began

Lake Nowhere is a new horror movie that pays tribute to the 80’s style slasher movies that made us all fall in love with the genre. LAKE NOWHERE, the 80s-style slasher horror film that Fangoria called “a little slice of heaven for fans of vintage bloodfests” has unveiled a brand Continue Reading

21 Great Modern Euro-Horror Movies

A list of already released Euro horror movies. Hope you enjoy. SHREW’S NEST This is a new claustrophobic horror movie from Spain. The reviews that I have read for this movie have been really strong. It recently played at this year’s Fantasia International Film Festival. It also features a performance Continue Reading


After growing tiresome of the repetitive slasher movies over the years, I had almost gave up hope in that particular end of the horror genre (with exception of a few) . I had read some good reviews about “cold prey” so I decided to give it a shot, and wasn’t Continue Reading


It’s not very often that we get a remake that exceeds the original in every way, using a new and unique style of POV filming, “maniac” is the first serial killer feature that lets you witness the brutality of the crimes he commits through his eyes. As soon as the Continue Reading