In My Mother’s Skin Review: Beautifully Bleak Filipino Folk Horror Fairytale

Set in the Philippines during World War II, In My Mother’s Skin follows Tala, a young kid left to look after her ailing mother and young brother after their father goes missing and feared never to return

Struggling to make ends meet, Tala sets out to try and find some food for her family. Her world is immediately thrown into chaos when she meets a powerful fairy who makes Tala believe that she’s there to do good. With almost Genie-like powers, Tala is given a feast beyond her wildest dreams. As well as all the food, Tala asks for help with her mother’s health. What Tala doesn’t know is that this is no normal fairy – she’s a flesh-eating fairy who wants nothing more but to cause chaos, death and destruction.¬†Anything or ayone who is unlucky enough to cross her path will not meet a good end.

In My Mother’s Skin is a powerful horror film. Great performances all around, beautiful direction accompanied by powerful sound design and a haunting ost.¬† As well as all of the above, it gets quite gory and bleak…especially towards the end.¬† The ones unlucky enough to become infected by this evil flesh-eating fairy will kill without thought or reason in animalistic bursts of cannibalism. Then, the infected will start to vomit until a live Crow falls from their mouths, slopping to the ground in a puddle bloodied goop


As World War II in 1945 Philippines is coming to an end, a wealthy family is trapped in their country mansion and terrorized by Japanese soldiers who are losing control of the island. The family’s patriarch, Aldo, is rumored to have stolen Japanese gold and hidden it nearby. Knowing that his family will be killed if the gold is found, Aldo leaves to seek help from the Americans. His absence causes the family to fear that he will never return, while the mother’s health deteriorates. Desperate for help, the family’s young daughter Tala turns to a deceitful and flesh-eating fairy, who plans to devour them all

In My Mother’s Skin is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video (UK/Ireand). As always, thanks for reading.


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