Monster Inside Review: Would You Dare To Enter Mckamey Manor?

Monster Inside is a brand-new documentary released on Hulu that tells the story of one of the world’s most Extreme, Submersive horror experiences – McKamey Manor

Yeah, this was a wild ride. As a huge fan of extreme horror cinema, I can safely say that I would never step anywhere near McKamey Manor. What we have here is nothing but sadistic torture, this ain’t a “haunted house” it’s one giant torture chamber.

Founder/owner Russ McKamey makes each participant sign a 40-page waiver. The things that may happen can include bone breaking, waterboarding, suffocation and even tooth extraction. What sort of crazy person do you have to be to want such pain inflicted on yourself? I love horror, and I love extreme horror but the reason I love it – is because it is fake. Yeah, I would still say I’m a little fkd up liking the movies I do. When you have someone pushing the limitations of severe mental torture and violence – I’m sorry, that’s entering into a whole new realm.

The treatment of the participants was horrendous – but hey, this is what they signed up for, right? In the documentary, we get to hear stories along with actual video footage of some of the extreme thrill seekers. McKamey himself did not want to take part. It would be super hard for him to ever try and explain himself because Monster Inside really does not paint him in a good light. And rightly so.

I honestly think it is only a matter of time before someone is actually killed in one these experiences.

7/10 from me. Available on Hulu, As always, thanks for reading


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