Lovely Dark and Deep: New Cosmic Horror From XYZ Films 2024

Lovely Dark and Deep Press Release - Moviehooker

Lovely Dark and Deep was featured on a recent Moviehooker list of upcoming horror movies to watch out for. We are happy to hear great reports about the new horror and even happier that we can share the official press releases with you. Check it out below. LOVELY DARK AND DEEP OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE The … Read more

THE ANIMAL KINGDOM: Animalistic Evolution

The Animal Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom has been high-up on the watchlist since it was featured in an upcoming movie list on Moviehooker at the end of last year. As a big fan of French cinema, I was sold when I saw the great Romain Duris in a French sci-fi horror. Even more so when I found out … Read more

5 Great New Indonesian Horror Films 2024

New Indonesian Horror Films - A Moviehooker List

I am back with a new list focusing on 5 recently released or upcoming Indonesian horror films. I have mentioned that Indonesia has shot to the top of the horror food chain in recent years. These guys have been pumping out so much high-quality horror and don’t seem slowing down. The crazy thing is, it’s … Read more

STOP-MOTION: Trailer For Creepy New 2024 Psychological Horror

Stop Motion information and trailer Moviehooker

Stop Motion has been on the watchlist for some time. Check out the trailer and release information below. I am happy to announce that I have received the official press release for Stop-Motion. It was featured on a recent list of upcoming horror movies to watch out for. There was very little information available at … Read more

NEWS: Boyle & Garland Re-Team For 28 Years Later…I mean it this time.


Okay, if I have to report this 28 Years Later news anymore, I am going to lose my mind. I shall lose my mind and shift into a permanent state of rage  I’m here to report the news that Alex Garland and Danny Boyle have officially joined forces to bring us 28 Years Later. This is official. … Read more

NEWS: The Blob Remake in The Works From Director Of Hellraiser

David Bruckner, the director of The Night House and the most recent reboot of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser has reportedly signed with Warner Brothers to remake THE BLOB  Sometimes I actually think I am psychic when it comes to movies. Yesterday, I posted about The Blob on the Moviehooker socials. One of my followers then said … Read more


Last of Us S02 News- Moviehooker

The news fans of HBO’s The Last Of Us fans have been impatiently waiting for is finally here – Abby has officially been cast in season 2 of the series No One Will Save You star¬†Kaitlyn Dever¬†has officially been cast in The Last Of Us S02. Dever didn’t even pop into my mind when thinking … Read more

News: Guillermo del Toro Re-Casts Frankenstein’s monster

Guillermo Del Toro Frankenstein News - Moviehooker

Visionary director/writer Guillermo del Toro is finally getting to make one of his dream projects – Frankenstein…and now he has finally found his monster. Oscar Isaac has been confirmed to star in the leading role as Dr. Victor Frankenstein in Guillermo del Toro’s, Frankenstein. Also starring alongside Issac are Mia Goth, the great Christoph Waltz, … Read more

More New Horror Movies 2024

Faro - New Horror Movies 2024

We are hitting the ground running this year and are back with another list of new horror movies releasing in 2024. I can’t confirm that all of these will be great but here they are anyway, each to their own. That’s the beauty of film, it’s all subjective. I am a one-man-movie-machine on a mission … Read more

The Human Trap: New Hostel-Grotesque Style Horror

Human Trap Information Moviehooker

THE HUMAN TRAP: The new South Korean horror is on its way to Amazon Prime and other streaming services this January, As you all know, South Korean cinema is where Moviehooker is at. I am a huge fan, have been for years and always will be. The Human Trap is a bonus because I also … Read more

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