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Neill Blomkamp’s demonic – check images and behind the scenes Footage

As a massive fan of Neill Blomkamp, the best thing to come out of this God damn pandemic was the news that Neill Blomkamp has somehow managed to shoot a movie during this whole shit-storm of events. Not only that but Blomkamp’s new film is a horror film, and while his sci-fi flicks do have elements of horror in them, this is his first feature in the genre. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Blomkamp movie without some sci-fi too.

I am delighted to share with you all the official press release from IFC Midnight for Blomkamp’s new horror, Demonic. The press release includes the first released images, as well as release info and a behind the scenes look at the film.

Nathalie Boltt in the horror film, “DEMONI” an IFC Midnight release. Photo courtesy of IFC

Take a look at a newly released behind the scenes featurette


Directed and Written By: Neill Blomkamp (DISTRICT 9, ELYSIUM, CHAPPIE)

Starring: Carly Pope, Chris William Martin, Michael Rogers

TAGS#demonicmovie #ifcmidnight
Run Time: 102 minutes | Rating: Not Rated Yet


As always, thanks for reading. More information to follow as it is announced.

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New Canadian zomcom brain freeze to play at 25th fantasia

You might not think it but the 25th edition of Fantasia Film Festival is already on its way which means tonnes of new films to looks forward to. The first one announced is a new Canadian zomedy called Brain Freeze. We have the details below, as well as the beautiful poster for this year’s Fantasia Film Festival.

Here’s the press release

Fantasia is proud to be opening its upcoming edition with the World Premiere of a major Québécois genre feature – Julien Knafo’s BRAIN FREEZE. First pitched at Frontières, the festival’s world-renowned international co-production market, the film is a smart and stylish zombie comedy that slyly comments on social concerns both domestic and universal, telling the tale of an environmental disaster that leads to a fast-spreading virus ravaging a wealthy gated community off the island of Montreal.

BRAIN FREEZE joins the ranks of recently-released cinema that holds an eerie mirror up to our collective experience even though scripted and shot pre-pandemic. While production on the winter-set chiller was abruptly halted four days before completion following Quebec’s lockdown, shooting was miraculously able to wrap the following summer. There could not be a more perfect film for Fantasia 2021 to kick off with!

Equally gorgeous as it is bloody

A clever take on corporate greed, the growing rift between the haves and have-nots and a government in crisis that uses a zombie outbreak to express its truth and succeeds at being both a charming horror comedy, coming-of-age tale, and a story of an unexpected friendship in hazardous times.

Now, feast your eyes on the glorious poster for this year’s Fantasia.

For the creation of its 25th-anniversary poster art, pictured below, Fantasia has once again turned to the talents of renowned illustrator Donald Caron. Taking inspiration from Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima’s beloved LONE WOLF AND CUB, Caron has created a work that not only acknowledges the key role that Japanese culture has played across Fantasia’s history, but also one that hints and honours our upcoming edition’s embrace of Japanese cinema as a core cinematic theme. 

I also look forward to sharing the first wave of Fantasia Film Festival films. It really is one of the best festivals in the world. I can’t wait to see what craziness we have this year. It never disappoints.

Anyways, that’s it for this article. As always, thanks for reading.

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Source: Fantasia Official Coverage


New Werewolf Movies

It feels good to be able to write that headline “new werewolf movies”. I feel the horror genre has been starved of some lycanthropy madness. We recently got the news that Dog Soldiers 2 could be still happening which is amazing but as for actual werewolf films…well, we ain’t got none. But hey, I can now tell you that we have at least four coming this year! are they going to be any good? I have no idea, but here they are anyway. Enjoy.


New Werewolf Movies – Bloodthirsty

A musician who has been having visions of morphing into some sort of wolf-like beast is invited to a secluded music studio. Her new songs, along with her new music producer start to bring out the beast within her.

A female-led Canadian werewolf film, pretty sure the last time we heard that was Ginger Snaps and that still holds up pretty well to this day.

Directed by Amelia Moses, written by Wendy Hill-ToutLowell and starring  Lauren BeattyGreg Bryk & Katharine King So

Upcoming Werewolf Movies – Eight for Silver (no poster available)


A werewolf film from writer/director Sean Ellis ( Metro Manila, Anthropoid). Metro Manila was such a great film, a superb human drama about desperation and how far you will go to support & provide for the ones you love. I highly recommend you guys check that out if you haven’t seen it. Now, back to the werewolves

Ellis’ werewolf movie Eight for Silver is said to fuck with the genre a little bit and bend some of the werewolves rules that we have grown custom to. The story of a pathologist who goes to a small town to investigate a string of brutal murders. That’s all I know. That’s all I need to know. As a fan of Ellis, I really can’t wait to check this out.


New Werewolf Movies – Werewolves Within (game poster)

I have known about Werewolves Within for some time. I am always a little sceptical when I hear the words “based on the hugely popular video game”

Not much plot details are available but we know it is about a group of werewolves that attack a small town. I am not familiar with the game but I think it is a whodunit? sort of scenario where the villagers have to find out who is infected among them by taking a werewolf test, very much like we see in The Thing. Oh, it also has Harvey Guillén from FX’s What We Do In The Shadows series.

Described as a comedy horror. Who knows? this could be a lot of fun.


New Werewolf Movies – I Am Lisa

Another fresh approach to the werewolf genre, only this time adding in a twist of revenge. A woman (gonna take a wild guess and say her name is Lisa) gets attacked by a sheriff and a wolf on the same night (ouch, unfortunate). She wakes in a cabin in the woods with new powers. She uses these new-found wolfy powers to get revenge on her attackers.

Looks to be part horror, part female-led revenge flick. I’m in!

That’s it for this list. Check back soon to get hooked up with more movie and tv recommends. As always, thanks for reading.
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After Army Of The Dead get ready for loads more Zombie action from Netflix

It’s getting closer, the wait is almost over – Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead is almost here, but that ain’t all we’re getting!

It looks like Netflix have high hopes for Zack Snyder’s upcoming zombie film Army of The Dead. It has been announced that a feature-length prequel to Army of the Dead is on the way also. And not only that, we will be treated to a wonderful 4-part animated series that takes us back to the origin of infection.

As I have said before, Army of the Dead has been around a long time. In fact, it was written just 4-years after the release of Snyder’s DOTD remake. It has been on a shelf since 2008. So, just my personal opinion, I think when Snyder wrote Army of the Dead then it was at least set in the same universe as DOTD. Now those rumours are said not to be true. But, if it was a sequel, prequel or set in the same universe as Dawn of the Dead, then that would destroy or mess up the plans for more movies. And we know what more movies means?…more cash and BOOM – a franchise! Army of the Dead is now a standalone film with no ties to an already owned franchise.

Very little information is available but I can tell you that they are happening: A feature-length movie and an animated series, both prequels to Snyder’s upcoming zombie film Army of the Dead.

More Zombie Action Coming From Netflix in 2021

We should also see the return of the fantastic zombie series Black Summer as it returns for a second season.

If you haven’t checked out Black Summer then please do. I really enjoyed it despite reading some really bad reviews for it. A great approach to the zombie apocalypse that focuses way more than the action than the soap opera-style drama. Stephen King also gave it a special mention on Twitter recently.

No details regarding the release for the new season but it is said to be dropping sometime this year.

More from the great Kingdom

South Korean zombie series, Kingdom will also be returning with a special feature-length episode called Kingdom: Ashin of the North ahead of the third season. The special one-off episode will be an origin story of the resurrection flower.

In the meantime, Army of the Dead will release on Netflix on May 21st. The teaser trailer drops this Thursday!

Survivors Take All

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That’s A Lot Of Dead Dicks: Review For New Canadian Indie Sci-fi DEAD DICKS

Even the title – DEAD DICKS gets people talking, and more so, thinking what’s a lot of Dead Dicks is gonna look like on-screen?

Dead Dicks is actually a very clever title, funny, yes, but still very clever. Dead Dicks is a new Canadian shoe-string budget sci-fi. Apart from the opening scenes which take place in a bar, the entirety of Dead Dicks is set in a small cramped apartment (already full of Dead Dicks). I think I counted 4 cast members during the film; one a bartender, the other a neighbour in the apartment complex it takes place in. The other two are our main characters, Richie and Bekka.

OK, enough Dick-teasing…here’s what Dead Dicks is about

As we all know, a lot of people called Richie or Richard have the nickname “Dick”…or “Dickey”…anyways, you get the point.

Richie has suffered from a crippling depression that has made him a recluse in his small apartment. Although not intentional, he relies on his sister for almost everything which has held her back from moving away for employment or advancing in any way. She feels that if she isn’t there for Richie, he may take his own life.

The film immediately starts with a suicide…and yeah, it’s Richie! we see him sit at the kitchen table and suffocate himself with a bag until he drops dead. You see, Richie has somehow found out that if he kills himself, then he is then re-born seconds later.

He may come back, alive and well, but his corpse from when he killed himself previously is still laying there lifeless on the floor.

It doesn’t matter how many times Richie kills himself, he keeps coming back. How does he come back? On his bedroom wall, there is a large gaping hole. It reminds him of a vagina and reminds his sister more of an asshole.

So, we get to witness the beauty of birth, only it’s a fully grown man getting born from a vagina or asshole on a bedroom wall. Sounds insane, right? I would have to agree…yes it fucking is!.


But if you didn’t like your films a little insane then you wouldn’t be here on Moviehooker…or reading a review of a movie called Dead Dicks.

This was a solid indie sci-fi. It is very different, stylish, provocative and both tragic & funny.

As you all know, I am a huge fan of indie cinema. Even more a fan of full feature-length films with minimal cast and locations. Dead Dicks has done it all…from almost absolutely nothing.

The directing, acting, camera work, special FX and OST were all superb. And there are more than a few laugh-out-loud moments while still touching on a very serious subject of depression and suicide.

Dead Dick stars Heston Horwin & Jillian Harris. Directed & written by Chris BavotaLee Paula Springer.

Released via Artsploitation Films

Available to Buy @ Artsploitation Films, Amazon & Kino Lorber
Available to Rent @ Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV & Vimeo

As always, thanks for reading.

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Perempuan Tanah Jahanam aka Impetigore Review: A little village full of creepy people who have a thing for puppets and satanic rituals

Joko Anwar has delivered some amazing films, like “Modus Anomali”, “The Forbidden Door” and “Satan’s Slaves”; obviously I was thrilled since I learned he was filming a new horror movie (after “Gundala”) and finally we got the release in this side of the world.

We have the amazing Tara Basro (Maya), as our lead actress and Marissa Anita (Dini) as the support one, both of them have previously worked with Anwar, in different films, “Gundala” being the last one.

Perempuan Tanah Jahanam aka Impetigore, tell us the story of two friends who are struggling with money, Maya finds out that probably her family was rich and there’s a huge house that both of them could use to live; she wants to claim the inheritance without knowing that probably this is the worst idea she could have had.

It starts like how Asian horror movies usually do (at least, ghostly ones)… a young woman working in the night shift as a cashier in a tollbooth in the middle of nowhere, talking nonsense with a friend, when a very creepy man keeps stalking her, subsequently attacking her; the guy is really really creepy, gives you an unease feeling, so kudos for that.

Obviously this odd person introduces us to what is gonna be the main storyline; family secrets and a world we know it’s out there but at the same time we don’t know it’s there.

Maya decides to go to the village where she was born, this is when we can see a change in the lighting and in the colour palette, from the previous extremely dark and gloomy… to a very alive but mysterious one.

In the beginning, the colour palette tells us how she and her friend, Dini, feel like they are trapped in a hole and that’s why they see this situation as a strong possibility to move on to a better life, with the only obstacle of being surrounded by secrets, mainly about Maya’s birth.

We keep getting changes in the lighting, the house and other houses, Anwar presents it to us all dark with only warm light, but instead of pure yellow, we have more red in it, telling us something bad is about to happen or that evil is close.

With the game of lights (that it really helps to set the mood), we have gorgeous cinematography from the hand of the amazing Ical Tanjung; every time we feel a bit of hope, a yellow ray of light is smartly set in the middle of the frame, then the scenery quickly changes, giving us fog and with this, despair.

Not only we are visually rewarded, but the incidental music is enchanting, it helps to create a very atmospheric movie.

This slow-burn builds up nicely, but unfortunately, the climax doesn’t have the impact we are waiting for.

Feels more like a “family secret drama”, with a few curses and ghosts here and there, but nothing that can make you shudder.

What you are expecting to happen with Maya, it doesn’t, it goes to “Hollywood cliche land” and that broke my heart.

In a way, I feel a little disappointed, but overall it’s entertaining, it has some good visual impacts with a mix of practical effects and cgi.

I liked the ending and the whole little-village-full-of-beliefs-secrets-and-curses vibe; but, I was hoping, at least, for some more killings or something that screamed to me “this is a terrible curse”.

Hopefully, Anwar will surprise us more with his next project.

Impetigore will premiere July 23 on Shudder (U.S., Canada and the UK).


Patriot: One Of The Best Series’ Amazon Prime Has To Offer…but they cancelled it!

I remember trying to start the Amazon Prime Original, Patriot sometime ago. For whatever reason, I didn’t make it past the first episode…I have no idea why! Thanks to a recent post in TV & Movie Addicts on Facebook it put Patriot back on the list and I couldn’t be happier or more upset that I have let this series slide for so long

Patriot tells the story of John Tavner, a man in his 30’s pretending to work at an industrial engineering company when really he is working as an Intelligence Officer for the United States government. He is put on a simple mission, to deliver a bag of money to help a politician in Iran fight against nuclear weapons. But things don’t go according to plan. This starts off an unpredictable and often hilarious chain of events

Another great thing about Patriot is their approach to an Original Sound Track.

As well as some classics, Patriot is drenched in beautiful folk music, played and sung by our lead character, John (Michael Dorman). The only problem is…his songwriting is a way of venting. He can’t tell anyone he is an intelligence officer but It’s all in the lyrics of the songs he writes. And he really doesn’t care. Either that or he just doesn’t notice. He gets up in singer/songwriting nights and bleeds his little folking heart out to the listeners who all seem to be lost in the melody and not realising how dark and fucked up the lyrics are.

Michael Dorman (Triangle) is such a terrific actor. You really feel his sorrow, and he doesn’t have to even open his mouth. Every mission he has been on has had a devastating effect on him. He carries this unbearable torment around with him everywhere he goes. You really just wanna give the guy a hug and tell him everything is going to be okay.

You can not mention how great this series is and not mention its amazing supporting cast including the great Kurtwood Smith (RoboCop, That 70’s Show).

Written by Steve Conrad who is responsible for some great deadpan comedies throughout the years including The Weatherman starring Nicolas Cage.

There are two seasons of Patriot for you to enjoy on Amazon Prime. I hope you enjoy and laugh as much as I did.

Turns out a certain Mr Albert Cheng (co-head of Amazon TV) cancelled this series after 2 seasons. You, sir, got this one wrong!. They could do so much more with this amazing cast and series.

As always, thanks for reading.

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Katanas, Chainsaws & Zombies: Blood Quantum Review

Blood Quantum pays homage to the greats while also delivering a large social message

Blood Quantum opens with a fisherman gutting some salmon. The thing is when all guts have been removed, these fishies just won’t stay dead. We really don’t get to see what caused or started this infection but in true zombie movie manner, it really doesn’t matter. The infection is here, the zombies are coming, protect yourself at all costs. Fast forward 6-months and the world as we know has fallen to shit. An ingenious tribe seem to be the only ones that are immune to the infection and they have set up camp in their new fallen and broken Mad Max-esque world

The message, I guess seems that it stems from the hatred and racism aimed at the ingenious people of Canada…or anyone for that matter with one white survivor making his way to the camp with an infected person but being frustrated and screaming “speak fucking English”

There are plenty of great practical effects that pay homage to the greats that created the genre. Not only that but of course we get treated to some chainsaws and katanas…if that ain’t enough for you to wanna watch Blood Quantum, I don’t know what is.

A beautiful soundtrack that mixes atmospheric tension with some old-school blues is the perfect setting for this end of the world zombie movie

I did think there were a few pacing issues that some may not like. But, bottom-line, if you’re a die-hard fan (like myself) of the zombie genre then there’s loads about Blood Quantum to enjoy

One of the strongest Canadian horror movies I have seen. I sure hope you enjoy.

You can check out Blood Quantum on the horror streaming platform SHUDDER…and guess what? you can also check it out for free by using this exclusive code SHUTIN. This code will grant you access to Blood Quantum and 100’s of other amazing horrors. You will have 30-days of unlimited streaming and binging…c’mon, what else are you going to be doing?

From writer & director Jeff Barnaby (RHYMES FOR YOUNG GHOULS)

Starring: Michael Greyeyes (True Detective, Fear the Walking Dead)
Kiowa Gordon (The Twilight Saga)
Olivia Scriven (Degrassi: Next Class & The Next Generation)
Revered MMA trainer Stonehorse Lone Goeman
William Belleau (Frontier, SCALPED)
Devery Jacobs (American Gods, The Order, RHYMES FOR YOUNG GHOULS)
Gary Farmer (DEAD MAN, JIMMY P)

As always, thanks for reading.

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TIFF Zombie Hit Blood Quantum Hits Shudder – Start Your Free Trial today

Need more viral outbreak movies? New indigenous zombie film Blood Quantum bites its way to Shudder

Blood Quantum is a new retro Canadian zombie horror that premiered @ last year’s Toronto International Film Festival. Now the world can get to witness the dead ripping people to shreds on horror streaming platform Shudder

Folks, you’ll be happy to know that I have the official press-release to share with you all…here it is!


It’s 1981 and a virus infects earth and turns its inhabitants into undead hordes with only one community spared and left to fight in this distinctive and relevant spin on the zombie siege horror. AMC’s horror streaming platform Shudder unleashes Barnaby’s gory chiller NOW!

BLOOD QUANTUM will roll-out on all Shudder platforms as of Midnight EST on April 28th and is expected to fully propagate by midday 

New members can enjoy 30-days free with the promo code SHUTIN when signing up at 

In light of widespread cinema closures, Shudder has rerouted from their planned Spring release for BLOOD QUANTUM and is excited to spontaneously launch it at a moment in history where it could not be more significant. “We knew the film was important and timely when we acquired it last year, but given recent events, Blood Quantum’s themes of isolation, fear of contagion, and humanity struggling with the ramifications of a global virus have only grown more relevant,” said Shudder General Manager Craig Engler. “When a theatrical release became untenable due to the real-world pandemic, we decided to accelerate the launch of Barnaby’s film so it would reach the biggest audience possible.”

So why not just pop that code into Shudder and enjoy Blood Quantum and 100’s of other great horror movies.

As always, thanks for reading.

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What Keeps You Alive Review: Another Successful Female-Led Serial Killer Flick From Canada

Review: New Canadian female-led serial killer flick What Keeps You Alive

What Keeps You Alive is a new psycho-thriller, female-led serial killer flick from Canada.

It was only last year I was mentioning that we had a shortage of female serial killer films. Now, since then I have written about two of them, both great, and both Canadian. I think it is safe to say that Canada is leading the race when it comes to this exciting new twist in the sub-genre.

The first movie I reviewed was a film called Poor AgnesIt was a terrific film, low-budget, but still got under your skin. There is just something unsettling about a beautiful lead that’s also a twisted psychopathic killer. You don’t know if you should love her or be in disgust..or maybe both?: what sort of twisted individual would that make you?

What Keeps You Alive Review
Trippy as hell scene from WHAT KEEPS YOU ALIVE

So, what’s, What Keeps You Alive About?

The story focuses on two lovers (Jackie and Jules) who decide to go to a family owned house in the country. When the two arrive, Jules (Brittany Allen) immediately notices a change in Jackie’s (Hannah Emily Anderson) behaviour. As their romantic getaway progresses we start to see anger and aggression consume Jackie. As her secretive dark past starts to come to light, Jules starts to see Jackie as she is really is, a mentally unstable and vicious murderer.

In certain scenes, What Keeps You Alive was a tense bit of work. Our two leads nailed their roles with two believable and well-played characters. There were a few moments when I thought, “if that was me, I would grab that mounted moose-head on the wall and break her head open and run for the hills“. As far as complaints go, there wasn’t many.

The film is directed by Collin Minahan who gave us the impressive Grave Encounters and the equally impressive zombie filmIt Stains The Sands Red. What Keeps You Alive maintains Minahan as one of the most promising indie directors working today.

Not without its faults but What Keeps You Alive is a tense and unpredictable watch with some inventive kills. Our pernicious protagonist is just as scary as any other serial killer we have seen on screen.

Another fine example of independent cinema done right. Definitely makes for a good double-bill with Poor Agnes.


Words by Gary Gamble

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