Nosferatu: Trailer Robert Eggers New Gothic Vampire Horror Remake

Nosferatu trailer - Moviehooker

We have been reporting on Nosferatu since its early days of pre-production. Now, we are delighted to be able to share with you the official trailer  When the news of Eggers doing a remake of Nosferatu started to spread, it left many “fans” very unhappy. Hey, I am not singling out Eggers here, these so-called fans, those … Read more

Sting 2024: Great Spider Horror Caught In A Web Of Predictability

Sting Review Moviehooker

I finally got to check out Kiah Roache-Turner’s new mutant space spider horror Sting Firstly, I will say that I really enjoyed Sting, it was a lot of fun although I did find it somewhat predictable but that didn’t make it any less enjoyable. It follows Charlotte, a troubled teen who lives in a large apartment complex with her mother and stepdad. The … Read more

Infested Review: New Spider Horror is Arachnophobia meets Rec

Infested Review new Spider Horror - Moviehooker

Infested has been high up on the watchlist for over a year. I finally got the chance to check out the new French spider horror and I am happy to report that it was more than worth the wait. Writer/director Sebastien Vanicek makes a powerful debut with his new spider horror that is guaranteed to get under your skin and stay there. After … Read more

Frogman Review: Fun, Slimey Lovecraftian Found Footage

Frogman Review Moviehooker

Frogman does not take itself seriously: with a name like that would you expect it to? Dallas the main character epitomises this. He has captured video of Frogman while on family holiday as a child becoming famous as a result (pre-social media days). He has been living off of that feat since. That and the generosity … Read more

Another List Of Upcoming Horror Movies 2024

Upcoming Horror Movies 2024 - A MOVIEHOOKER LIST

We are back with a new list of upcoming or recently released horror films for 2024. And, as always, there’s quite a variety in here; werewolves, vampires, occult and serial killers so definitely something for every sort of horror lover WEREWOLVES Frank Grillo and Lou Diamond Phillips star in Werewolves (previously titled Year 2). A … Read more

THE ANIMAL KINGDOM: Animalistic Evolution

The Animal Kingdom Review

The Animal Kingdom has been high-up on the watchlist since it was featured in an upcoming movie list on Moviehooker at the end of last year. As a big fan of French cinema, I was sold when I saw the great Romain Duris in a French sci-fi horror. Even more so when I found out … Read more

Out Of Darkness Review: Survival Horror Shows The Birth Of Evil

survival horror out of darkness - Moviehooker

Prehistoric Survival Horror Out Of Darkness arrives in theatres on February 9th  Out of all of the years that I have been obsessed with watching movies. Do you know how many times I have watched a prehistoric survival horror? That would be zero. I have always been fascinated with the stone-age era in cinema. Sadly, … Read more

New Zombie Films Coming In 2024

New Zombie Movie List

I am back with a new list. This time I am focusing on upcoming zombie movies we shall see released throughout the year. This new list focuses on new zombie films that we shall see released throughout the year. It is good to report that a lot of these are stepping outside the usual zombie … Read more

Trailer For New French Spider Horror INFESTED

Infested Review new Spider Horror - Moviehooker

We now finally have the English-subbed trailer for Vermines aka INFESTED. Infested has been getting a lot of love on Moviehooker, and for very good reason r. It is one of our most anticipated horror movies of 2024. The reviews have been exceptional and the trailer proves that what we’re about to get is pure … Read more


survival horror out of darkness - Moviehooker

It ain’t every day you get to write about a prehistoric survival horror – Out Of Darkness sounds like the first of its kind and we’re so here for it. Every once in a while we get a new horror movie that seems fresh and unique. A film that cleverly blends sub-genres creating something that’s … Read more

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