New Zombie Films Coming In 2024

New Zombie Movie List

I am back with a new list. This time I am focusing on upcoming zombie movies we shall see released throughout the year. This new list focuses on new zombie films that we shall see released throughout the year. It is good to report that a lot of these are stepping outside the usual zombie … Read more

Tyrant: New Park Hoon-Jung Sci-Fi Action Movie

Tyrant Park Hoon-jung

A new sci-fi action film on the scale of The Witch called Tyrant from the great Park Hoon-jung is on its way! Park Hoon-jung is back yet again with a brand new new action movie. Hoon-jung has said that the tone of his new movie Tyrant would be similar to The Witch. This is really … Read more

News: In A Violent Nature – New Extreme Zombie-Slasher Horror

in a violent nature news - Moviehooker

In A Violent Nature just played at this year’s Sundance. I thought I would try and get the word out first that this horror is meant to be gruesome af and the kills, creative as Hell When we think back to the number of fantastic horror movies we got in 2023 (When Evil Lurks, Talk … Read more

Hurricane Season Review: Dark, Seedy Witchcraft Horror From Mexico

Hurricane Season Review

I am sure you all know, I am a big fan of witch horror but I feels that is very rarely done right. Hurricane Season is one of the strongest films in the witchcraft horror sub-genre that I have ever seen. It recently arrived on Netflix (UK/Ireland anyway) I felt the film dealt with a … Read more



Best British Films. I have been posting a few British classics on the Moviehooker socials recently, so I thought I’d do up a British super list of my own personal favourites. I believe everyone should know about these films. This is going to be a whopper of a list so make sure to continue reading … Read more

New Takashi Miike Serial Killer Movie: Lumberjack The Monster

Lumberjack the Monster - Moviehooker

Hooking You All Up With Takashi Miike’s new serial killer horror LUMBERJACK MONSTER That’s right, folks, visionary Japanese director and master of weird Takashi Mike (Ichi The Killer, Gozu, Visitor Q, The Happiness Of The Katikuri’s) has a new serial killer film on the way called Lumberjack The Monster and it sounds so good.  A … Read more

ABIGAIL: Who’s up for a Home Invasion Vampire Movie?

Abigail Information - Moviehooker

I am s sucker for a good vampire movie, and Abigail looks very promising – we have a great cast a beautiful blend of two horror sub-genres. This looks like it could be one of the first really good horrors of 2024 Starring Alisha Weir, Dan Stevens, Kevin Durand, Giancarlo Esposito and the late Angus Cloud (RIP). A … Read more

NEWS: Boyle & Garland Re-Team For 28 Years Later…I mean it this time.


Okay, if I have to report this 28 Years Later news anymore, I am going to lose my mind. I shall lose my mind and shift into a permanent state of rage  I’m here to report the news that Alex Garland and Danny Boyle have officially joined forces to bring us 28 Years Later. This is official. … Read more

NEWS: The Blob Remake in The Works From Director Of Hellraiser

David Bruckner, the director of The Night House and the most recent reboot of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser has reportedly signed with Warner Brothers to remake THE BLOB  Sometimes I actually think I am psychic when it comes to movies. Yesterday, I posted about The Blob on the Moviehooker socials. One of my followers then said … Read more


Last of Us S02 News- Moviehooker

The news fans of HBO’s The Last Of Us fans have been impatiently waiting for is finally here – Abby has officially been cast in season 2 of the series No One Will Save You star Kaitlyn Dever has officially been cast in The Last Of Us S02. Dever didn’t even pop into my mind when thinking … Read more

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