9 Extreme Action Films & how The Raid Inspired a new generation of cinematic brutality

Extreme Action Films - The Raid - A Moviehooker List

The story has it that Gareth Evans traveled to Indonesia looking to make a documentary on the Indonesian form of martial arts, silat. When he arrived he met a bus driver called Iko who drove employees to a telecommunication center. This bus driver also so happened to be a national champion and a master of … Read more

10 of the Best Australian Horror Movies

Australian Horror Films A Moviehooker List

I am back with another new list of Australian horror movies. Recently, we have had a huge surge in traffic from Australia, so it’s only fair that we continue to feed that monster! Okay, so maybe not all of these are extreme but a good majority of them are. I can safely say though that … Read more

Upcoming Slashers Movies 2024

Upcoming Slashers - Bloodline Killer - A Moviehooker List

I am back with a new list of upcoming slashers that have been recently released or arriving throughout the year.  This wouldn’t be my favourite of the horror genre but I know a lot of my readers love a good ole slasher flick so I must hook you up with all the upcoming slashers I … Read more

Great Films On Amazon Prime You Need In your Life 2024

Amazon Prime Movies A Moviehooker List

The Best Films You Can Currently Stream On Amazon Prime Video UK/Ireland. I was browsing Amazon Prime last night and I noticed some new epic films have been added. This is quite the mix and to be honest, I deleted some because the article was just too big. So, I guess a part 2 is … Read more

8 Remakes That Are Better Than The Original

Remakes That Are Better Than The Original

Yes, you read that right. Here is a list of remakes that I believe that are better than the original. It is fine if you don’t agree…that’s the beauty if cinema, right? Okay, I know a lot of you will be familiar with most of these remakes but I thought it would be a good … Read more

The Best Horror Coming Your Way 2024

Best Horror 2024 Immaculate A Moviehooker List

Another Moviehooker list of what I think is going to be some of the best horror releases throughout the year. Some of these are on the festival circuit so we will be waiting a w while on a VOD/Theatre release ARCADIAN Okay, who ordered a new creature feature? After an apocalyptic event, Nicolas Cage and … Read more

More Horror Films Coming Your Way Soon

Humane - New Horror Films 2024 A Moviehooker List

A new list of horror films that will be released so or throughout the year. This is our 8th list of the year with zero signs of us slowing down. There is just so much awesome content to hook you all up with. HUMANE The directorial debut from Caitlin Cronenberg, the daughter of David Cronenberg … Read more

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