Gannibal: Japanese Cannibal Horror Manga Gets Live-Action Series

Gannibal, a new Japanese horror series adapted from a manga of the same name is now streaming on Disney Plus

I still find it hard to believe that Disney Plus is now home to some great adult content. It isn’t all Mickey Mouse and Buzz Lightyear anymore, they really have opened a whole new world to us. And in that world, we have some tremendous Asian content.

We all know that as far as streaming services go, Netflix pretty much holds the cards when it comes to K Drama or J Dramas. Now Disney realises its popularity and has jumped on the bandwagon. One of these is a new horror series called Gannibal. The series is short with only 7 episodes – so, it is well easy to binge in one sitting

It tells the story of a cop called Daigo Agawa who has been stationed in a rural countryside village where it seems that nothing ever happens. But in this small village, the residents are strange and seem to think that they have their own form of law and order. One thing is for certain: they don’t take too nicely to outsiders who start to question their way of life. They believe in cannibalism as a form of mourning and when they eat human flesh they are brought spiritually closer to the deceased. Obviously, this is the talk of sadistic cannibalistic murderers whose reality has been murderously blurred from reality.

A great series and also it is great to see another awesome drama come from Japan. As much as I love K Drama, I am happy to see that Japan is still trying to compete. There are so many great Mangas to be explored and adapted. Let’s hope we see more this year.


Yûya Yagira

Shô Kasamatsu

Riho Yoshioka

You can now stream Gannibal on Disney Plus. As always, thanks for treading.


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