Upcoming Japanese Movies

We are back again with a new list of films. This time we are focusing on upcoming Japanese movies. Hopefully, there will be something for everyone. Let’s get to it.

From manga and novel adaptations to serial killer action, there are quite a lot of interesting flicks (as always) coming out of Japan.


Hirokazu Kore-eda, the director of the highly acclaimed, Shoplifters is back with a brand new film called Monsters. I’m afraid that is pretty much all the info we have to go on at the minute. Plot details for this new film have been kept top secret for now. It is said to be in pre-production and can expect a release during the year. Stay tuned for more updates on Monsters.


This one sounds like a great drama/thriller. I’m also going to say that Do unto Others carries the same plot as the tv series Dr Death or the more recently released Eddie Redmayne movie, The Good Nurse.

A detective notices that the mortality rate of a care company is suspiciously high. An investigation is launched with the most popular carer as the main primary suspect.

Based on the 2013 novel, Lost Care by Aki Hamanaka.


Manhole is a bit of a strange one. From what I have read about this movie, it really sounds like some sort of comedy. However, the poster paints a different sort of story and it really looks like a thriller.

A man who is at the top of his game at work is about to marry the daughter of the CEO of the company he works for. On his way home from a wedding party, he falls into an open manhole with no way out. As his wedding approaches, he must try and escape and make it to his wife-to-be in time for the wedding.


Downfall is based on a manga called “Reiraku” by  Inio Asano which was first published in 2017. The film focuses on a manga author who is struggling to come up with new ideas for his next story. He has been a published manga artist for 8 years but fears he has no inspiration left in him. His marriage is in serious trouble and his boss couldn’t care less about him. Alone and desperate, he finds comfort in the arms of a prostitute called, Chifuyu. He strikes up an unlikely relationship with Chifuyu and both of them decide to travel together to her hometown.


I may have featured Goodbye Cruel World in a previous list so if I did, I am sorry…but here it is again. This film focuses on a group of strangers who will meet for one night only., pull off a huge heist, split the money and never see or hear of each other ever again. What seemed like the perfect heist plan is botched by a fierce gang of yakuza who want the money that they’ve just stolen.


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