Review For New Horror Short You’re Going To Die Tonight

You’re Going To Die Tonight enters familiar territory with perfect execution and tension

I have been getting a lot of filmmakers contacting me looking to review their movie (which is amazing).

Usually,I am quick to respond and review (as this is my passion) but unfortunately some fall behind schedule.

This is due to other work commitments I have going (ones that pay the bills). As you all know, I work in movie retail and have done for a long time and being Christmas, it is our most busiest time of the year. Things are pretty hectic at the minute and I have been unable to update moviehooker as much as I would like to.

Which brings me to You’re Going To Die Tonight. A clever new Spanish horror short that is screaming  for a feature-length.

I was contacted by filmmaker Sergio Morcillo and after working through my backlog I am able to sit down and try and write some words about it.

So, what was it about ?..


Well, the main problem I have with short movies is that I can see so much potential. I can see that most of these movies had to made this way because they ultimately want to make a feature length and therefore use their short as a proof of concept.

You’re Going To Die Tonight follows one character who arrives home drunk after some wild partying. She runs herself a bath to wash off the debauchery and sin but she gets carried away with her thoughts and decides to have some alone time.

Just like in proper horror movie fashion, the phone rings and it’s an unknown caller. She answers the phone and her caller is able to tell her what she is doing in the bathroom. She is then told 5 words that will change her life forever… “You’re Gonna Die Tonight”

A fantastic lead performance from Mónica Aragón who really carries the movie with ease pulling off all the right emotions without barely speaking a word.

The eerie score fits perfectly with the clever camera work. Although the concept has been done before there is so much more to enjoy.

The film seemed inspired by movies like Scream (using the phone as someone watching what you’re doing) and the killer’s mask reminded me of The Collector. Still, even though it has some similarities to other horror it still felt fresh and leaves you wanting more.

You’re Going To Die Tonight  also has the huge advantage of proper acting. Not only that, but the team behind the masterful REC series were the team involved with the special FX.

So, as you can imagine, this is high-caliber filmmaking. A team with an obvious talent that we will see making feature length films real soon.

Miguel Ángel Vivas, the director of Matthew Fox zombie movie Extinction and mental AF Spanish home-invasion movie Kidnapped  (one of my fave fucked up movies) lends his name as producer for You’re Going To Die Tonight. 

Having his name behind this film can only mean great things for all involved. I eagerly await news on their next project.



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