New Cult Horror NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD Arrives on VOD, Blu-Ray & DVD August 4TH

Who doesn’t love a good Religious cult movie? Nothing But The Blood takes us into Jesus-loving small-town America

Nothing But The Blood takes place in rural Texas. It follows a journalist called Jessica who is sent to cover the opening of a new Church. As the Church starts to cast its fairytale stories of resurrection, redemption, sin and eternal hell-fire among the easily fooled town-folk, Jessica’s story becomes a real-life horrific religious nightmare

The press-release says Nothing But The Blood is a mix of Straw Dogs and Red State. These are two really good films to be compared to that sets the bar high for this film. I know a lot of critics cast Red State to the fiery pits of hell. I have no idea why though, I remember really enjoying it, especially the performance from Michael Parks. As for Straw Dogs, well that’s an actual cult classic now, and one I don’t think aged too well…but that’s just me. There was also a remake of Straw Dogs starring James MarsdenKate BosworthAlexander Skarsgård. Again, it was shit upon from the high-heavens, but just like Red State, I enjoyed it.

Nothing But The Blood poster

Official Plot

Jessica Cutler is a small-town journalist sent to cover the grand opening of a controversial new church. As the ministry digs its roots into the town and its residents, Jessica’s life begins to take an unexpected, violent turn that will shake her foundations to their very core.

Don’t miss this thrilling, dramatic look inside violent religious indoctrination, set against the eerie, idyllic backdrop of rural Texas.

Check Out The Trailer For NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD

Nothing but the Blood stars Rachel Hudson (Ashes to Ashes), Jordan O’Neal (Fabletown), Nick Triola (Remember to Forget), and Les Best (Scare Package)

Written & Directed by Daniel Tucker

A Moviehooker review will follow 1 week before release. It arrives on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD on August 4th. As always, thanks for reading

Words by Gary Gamble
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker

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