Review For Train To Busan prequel SEOUL STATION

SEOUL STATION: Yeon Sang-Ho’s Prequel To The Worldwide Smash Hit TRAIN TO BUSAN Is Now On iTunesSeoul Station

I was lucky enough to catch Seoul Station for review when it premiered at Fantasia Film Festival. Recently, I was sent the press-pack about the release so I thought why not?  I think I could revisit Seoul Station and hopefully hook some new people up with the Train To Busan prequel.

Before I start, I want to mention that I have been following both Seoul Station and Train To Busan since their easy days of pre-production. My first article that I posted dates all the way back to 2015 when Train To Busan was simply known as Busan Bound (I am almost certain that I have an earlier article but can’t find it).

Seoul Station is a beautifully crafted animated zombie film that takes places one or two days before the events in Train To Busan.

The film starts with a homeless man walking through the streets of Seoul holding a gaping wound on his neck. Like most zombie movies, we don’t know the cause of infection and that is what we get here with Seoul Station. It doesn’t take long for the infection to spread rapidly through the city with almost everyone falling victim to the deadly, unknown virus.

Seoul Station
I shouldn’t have picked that spot!

We have a few set of main characters and the story flips between them as we watch them fight to survive in the South Korean capital; We have a father who is desperately looking for his daughter, a call girl and her idiotic boyfriend. Not only are they fighting the undead but they are also in fear of getting quarantined in with the hordes of the undead as the government takes extreme measures to put the city on lockdown.

Although you may not find much connection with its sequel Train To Busan, Seoul Station is still a hugely enjoyable zombie epic. Miles better than most of the regurgitated countless zombie BS that pollutes our screens.

You can grab your copy of Seoul Station here on iTunes

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