The Best Extreme Australian Movies

I’m back again with another list. This time I am focusing on the best Extreme Australian Movies. I hope you enjoy it.

I recently completed another list of movie recommendations on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram so I decided to get them all together in this article.


One of the most uncomfortable experiences you’ll get watching a movie. The film focuses on a 16-year-old kid whose new role model is John, his mother’s new boyfriend. It ain’t long before he realises that there’s something just not right with mum’s new fella.

John Bunting was a real-life serial killer who killed 12 people and disposed of most of the bodies in large barrels which were kept in a disused building.

The performances in this movie are off the charts. The guy who plays Bunting really gives the most energetic, psychotic and haunting performance.


The Horseman is another personal favourite of mine and really shows us just what can be done with a solid story, great acting and a pretty low budget.

The film follows a father who recently lost his daughter. Not long after her death, the dad receives a videotape in the post. When he watches the tape, he is more than shocked to see his recently deceased daughter getting taken advantage of. She is not a willing participant in the movie and it’s so obvious that she has been drugged. So, the father does what every father would do and sets out for revenge against a seedy af porn industry.

Great film, raw, brutal, ferocious and 100% believable.

This was Steven Kastrissios‘ debut and what a stomper it was. A quote from Moviehooker’s review made it onto the posters, trailer and promo for his second film, Bloodlands. It was weird af seeing me up there on bus stops and billboards in Albania.

Bloodlands Review


A truly sad and harrowing cinematic experience. Based on a true story, In Her Skin documents the events leading up to the murder of a 15-year-old teenager called Rachel Barber who was murdered by her babysitter.

Although there is only one act of violence in this, it is one of the rawest and ugliest there is that film has to offer. Irish actress, Ruth Bradley who plays the babysitter, Caroline gives us an unforgettable performance.


I have always loved the concept of Acolytes: a group of teens stumble on a serial killer disposing of a body. Instead of going to the authorities, they decide to blackmail the killer into killing their abuser and rapist bully who was just recently released from prison for the crimes they committed on the teens.

Not a perfect film but the concept is just so damn good. Also, we get to see the great Joel Edgerton as a serial killer. That alone is worth checking this flick out for.


A vicious little offering and directorial debut from Sean Byrne (The Devil’s Candy). The Loved Ones is about a teen called Brent who recently lost his father in a road traffic accident. A seemingly nice girl called Lola asks him to be her date to the prom but he respectfully declines. But what Brent doesn’t know is that Lola is an absolute psychopath. Along with her strange af dad, she then kidnaps Brent and puts him through unimaginable torture.

Definitely has some great black humour, but I do warn you: if your soul ain’t as black as the night then you probably won’t find it too funny. I found it hilarious and gross af at the same time. I loved every second of it.


This one flew under the radar for a lot of people. Storm Warning follows a couple who get into some trouble on their boat and have to make an emergency stop on a small unknown island. With a storm approaching fast they take refuge in a large barn near an old farmhouse. Although the farmhouse looks like a ruin, there are signs of life…but who lives there? The couple then find a huge weed grow and realise they’ve stumbled on someone’s grow operation. Now, the redneck hillbilly dealers don’t want their weed grow exposed so decide to take matters into their own hands by the only way they know possible: torture.


One of the most popular titles in extreme cinema. Wolf Creek was one of the first movies I was happy that there wasn’t a high body count. The torture the victims go through is as unforgiving as they come.

The film is based on the real-life murders committed by a man called Ivan Milat who killed 7-plus people in the Australian outback.

We got a sequel that a lot of people prefer to the original (not quite me). Also, there was a Wolf Creek series too and the word on the street is that a third instalment is on the way. Who knows? maybe Mick Taylor and his “bloody knife” will be blessing our screens again.


The OG of Outback Horror. Wake In Fright follows a school teacher called John Grant who breaks down in the middle of nowhere on his way to a new teaching job. He has to spend the night in a strange little town called Bundunyabba. Soon he starts to notice that something ain’t right with the locals and getting out of this town may not be as easy as he once thought.

There was a remake done as well in 2017. It was a 2-part mini-series that I couldn’t wait to feast my eyes on. Sadly, it wasn’t that good in my opinion. It just seemed dull and lacked any form of real extremity.


Beaten to Death is a brand new Outback Horror that has yet to be released. Every single review I have read for this film states that it belongs right here on this list.

After anciently killing someone in a fight, a man is forced into the outback with very little supplies, no sanity and a group of crazed locals looking for revenge.

As I mentioned in my recent TikTok series, Beaten to Death sounds like Wake in Fright on Crack.

That’s it for this list. I hope I have hooked you up with some new viewing. As always, thanks for reading.


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