Details On Ari Aster’s Upcoming Horror – Joaquin Phoenix Eyed For Lead Role

Ari Aster has revealed some details on his upcoming 4-hour long “nightmare comedy” horror film.

Ari Aster seems to be the most talked-about name in the horror genre today. He has been able to deliver two extremely huge horror hits while at the same time, giving us two completely different genres.

I completely get why some people would not like Midsommar…but Hereditary?. It baffles me how some people disliked the movie. Hereditary managed to pull off every trick in the book while still remaining fresh and original. It was a proper haunted house horror complete with weirdness, eerieness, unpredictability, loss, shock and of course, horror.

Midsommar, now I can get why some people wouldn’t like it. That doesn’t mean it was a bad film. With Hereditary, he managed to deliver a dark unpredictable haunted house horror, with Midsommar he took us on a sunshine soaked psychedelic bloodstained trip to hell. Both films, completely different but both are masters of their own subgenre with some of the finest female-led performances in modern-day horror.

Which brings me to Ari Aster’s next project.

It was reported early in June of 2020 that Ari Aster’s next film will be a whopping 4-hours long. I know that may sound like a lot to some of you. Personally, I can’t wait, I won’t move a muscle for the duration of the flick. It was also reported in June that his new film will be a “Nightmare Comedy” but until now, we really hadn’t any more information on the film

Ari Aster’s new project is called BEAU IS AFRAID. The film is now being described as a “surrealist horror film set in an alternate present,”. And if the rumours are true, we will see Joaquin Phoenix in the leading role.

Check Out “Beau”, a short from Ari Aster from 2011 that will serve as a premise/scene for his upcoming flick…and of course, it’s weird AF! Perfect for, Phoenix


His character from Beau Is Afraid has been described as

“an extremely anxious but pleasant-looking man who has a fraught relationship with his overbearing mother and never knew his father.” When his mother dies, he makes a journey home that involves some wild supernatural threats”

Ari Aster

That’s all for now. As always thanks for reading. More news to follow when it’s announced

Words by GG
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