New Serial Killer Movie Based on Nikolai “Metal Fang” Dzhumagaliev

Three had its world premiere at this year’s Busan International Film Festival and shines a dark light on Nikolai “Metal Fang” Dzhumagaliev

The film is based on Nikolai “Metal Fang” Dzhumagaliev, a Soviet serial killer that was responsible for butchering and cannibalising 7 people between 1979-1980.

In, Three, we don’t have your typical serial killer movie. Just like in I Saw The Devil, the viewer knows early-on who the killer is. The film deals with the long-term effects it has on the arresting police officers. The main cop investigating these horrible crimes doesn’t have the experience needed to deal with the trauma caused by Dzhumagaliev’s brutal slayings. It was his first job in the quiet, small Soviet town of Kaskelen. Nothing could prepare him for the horrors he was about to witness. Experience or not, these crimes and their cruel nature would take a toll on the most hardened of the police force. For those of you looking for a dark & twisted serial killer flick, Three ticks all of the boxes.


Nikolai Espolovich Dzhumagaliev is a Soviet serial killer, also known as Metal Fang, convicted of the murders of seven people in the Kazakh SSR between 1979 and 1980. Dzhumagaliev killed and cannibalized at least nine people, targeting mainly women in the Almaty area, and is believed to have killed more until his arrest.

The Wiki page is a hard read. This guy was one fucked-up individual. He goes into great detail in the confessions of his killings. If you’re into serial killers…it is a fascinating read.

Directed by Ruslan Pak. Three is co-production between South Korea, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

You can expect to see a release of, Three sometime next year. We are unsure of what platform it will be released on as of yet. More news to follow as it is announced.

You can check out the trailer below

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