Dog Soldiers 2 Could Still Happen

Dog Soldiers 2 Could Still be Happening?

Remember Dog Soldiers? Of course, you do. A group of soldiers who went deep into the Scottish Highlands on a routine training exercise have to fight for their lives against a family of coordinated and angry werewolves. Yeah, it was just an instant horror classic and all these years later it’s still as fresh in our minds…which brings me to the possibility of Dog Soldiers 2.

I remember following any bit of news, hoping that we would see a continuation of the first one and see what fate had in store for Cooper (Kevin McKidd) and his warrior doggo. Thing is, there was supposed to be a sequel, it was called Dog Soldiers 2: Fresh Meat.

To be honest, it sounded like it had some new producers as the story was a group of Americans arrive to clean up the mess but end up getting infected. These new group of American army werewolves would be more cunning, clever and vicious than the ones we met in Dog Soldiers.

But shortly after the news of Dog Soldiers: Fresh Meat was announced, it vanished, never to be heard of again. And after reading an interview, it turns out I was right. They wanted to make a sequel, but they didn’t want Neil Marshall to be involved. He sacked it and walked away. Good for him.

Sean Pertwee said in an interview

“I think people tried to make a sequel without [Neil Marshall] being involved, so it wouldn’t have been the same movie,” Pertwee says. “That’s the thing about Neil. He walked away and I respect him for it. We would have loved to have done it…but I wish we had done it because a lot of people love the movie.”

Sean Pertwee Den Of Geek article

Now there is a discussion on the possibility of not only Dog Soldiers 2 but a third film also. That’s right, we may have a trilogy…eeeek! Excited Much?

There’s more of a chance now than ever before,” Marshall says. “There’s things in the works and we’re seeing what we can do. Certainly, myself and Kevin McKidd and [Dog Soldiers producer] Chris Figg are up for it to revisit this world. Over the past 18 years, the question I get asked pretty much more than anything else is when are we going to get Dog Soldiers 2?’ Part of me thinks I’d like to go back and re-visit that world somehow. And if Kev’s up for it, then that would make it worthwhile for sure. So we’ll see. You never know.”

Neil Marshall interview Den Of Geek

More news to follow as it is announced. As always thanks for reading. Arouuuuuu!

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