New To Netflix, Benson & Moorhead’s Award Winning Creature-Feature SPRING

I have been a fan of Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead since they released first low-budget indie horror, Resolution. You just know sometimes that what you’re seeing is pretty unique so I was eagerly awaiting their next feature.

I couldn’t help but think when watching Resolution, “what if these dudes had more resources?, what sort of film would we see then?” and the answer to that question came no longer than two years later in the form of Italian/American Creature-feature romance, Spring.


Spring tells the story of Evan ( Lou Taylor Pucci), a young man who just lost his mother and is down on his luck. After the burying his mother, he beats the shit out of some meth-head in a pub who randomly starts to attack him and his friend.  The next day he decides to get out of town before there is is a retaliation from the meth-head or fear that the police would be after him.

Evan impulsively decides to travel to Italy and after getting some partying out of his system, he soon finds work on a small rural farm helping an elderly farmer.

Soon after he set’s his sights on the beautiful Louise (Nadia Hiker) and there is an instant attraction (and rightly so folks, she is stunning).

Evan and Nadia hit it off immediately  and a beautiful love-story starts to unfold. But in among the love story and stunning Italian coastal scenery, Nadia is harbouring a dark secret. As their relationship strengthens, Nadia is finding harder and harder to keep her secret hidden from Evan.


Spring is a beautiful film. It is unique with two characters you really care about. Lou Taylor Pucci and Nadia Hiker were amazing together on-screen, they seemed natural and very likeable and believable

There is 1000’s of people like Evan in films but Lou Taylor Pucci played this guy effortlessly and to perfection . He was a wonderfully written character that seemed like a genuinely nice dude, you really want things to work out for the best for Evan & Louise….but do they????

Spring is NOW available for instant streaming on Netflix U.K/Ireland

Anyone who would like to read two interviews I have done with Benson and Moorhead can do so via these links

Justin & Aaarn talk about award winning creature-feature Spring

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