Tom Hardy’s Al Capone Movie To Start Shooting In May

Tom Hardy’s Gangster Biopic Is Due To Start Shooting In May

Tom Hardy is set to play Al Capone in a gangster biopic that will focus on the last years of the criminal’s life.

After serving almost a decade in prison, Capone was diagnosed with dementia and moved to his mansion to serve out the rest of his sentence.

Tom Hardy Al Capone Movie in the works

I think this is a fantastic idea for a role for Tom Hardy. We all know that the man is capable of playing the unhinged so well. Capone’s mind became tangled and warped, the memories of his violent and murderous past flooded his mind and were now part of his everyday life. I think this is a wonderful take on a gangster film; it sounds more of a psychological nightmare that will be more character driven than anything else. And what better man to bring this strange gangsta-spin to life than Tom Hardy.

The movie which is titled Fonzo will be written and directed by Josh Tank (Chronicle).

Here is some (hopefully accurate) information on the last year’s of Capone’s life from Wikipedia 

“After Capone was released from prison, he was referred to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore for the treatment of paresis (caused by late-stage syphilis). Hopkins refused to admit him based solely on his reputation, but Union Memorial Hospital accepted him. Capone was grateful for the compassionate care that he received and donated two Japanese weeping cherry trees to Union Memorial Hospital in 1939. A very sickly Capone left Baltimore on March 20, 1940, after a few weeks inpatient and a few weeks outpatient, for Palm Island, Florida.

In 1946, his physician and a Baltimore psychiatrist performed examinations and concluded that Capone had the mentality of a 12-year-old child. Capone spent the last years of his life at his mansion in Palm Island, Florida. On January 21, 1947, Capone had a stroke. He regained consciousness and started to improve, but contracted pneumonia. He suffered a cardiac arrest on January 22. On January 25, Capone died in his home, surrounded by his family. He wаs buried аt Mount Carmel Cemetery in Hillside, Illinois.”

More info to follow as it’s announced


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