Speak No Evil review and Ending Explanation

Speak No Evil featured on a Moviehooker Horror List a few months ago. My predicament was bang on, this one ain’t for everyone but dear lord, it certainly left its mark.

After watching Speak No Evil I finally realised that this sort of Slow-burn horror has to be my favourite in the horror genre. Anything supernatural doesn’t really fill that horror void of mine anymore. But, when it comes to humans doing horrible stuff to other humans just because they can, it really strikes an unnerving minor chord in me. Humans are by far the scariest monsters in horror movies and Speak No Evil now sits proudly and (un)comfortably among other gems in the sub-genre. If you’re a fan of Nothing Bad Can Happen and Eden Lake, then Speak No Evil is a must-see. Thing is, you’ll love it but you won’t be rushing to watch it again. Yeah, it’s fkn bleak, man and I mean that in the best possible way.

A family agrees to go and visit some people they met on holiday. When they arrive at their secluded cabin, there’s just an uneasiness in the air, something isn’t right. Over the next few days, Bjorn and Lousie will figure out that they should’ve followed their gut instincts!

Can Bjorn, Louise and daughter Agnes make it out of the house before the other family starts to show their true sinister intentions?

Speak No Evil delivers tension, horror and uncomfortable graphic violence, as well as being an expertly crafted slow-burn psychological thriller.

Also, the music was just superb; right from the opening scene, blending chaotic orchestral vibes smothered in atmospheric and eerie sounds. I personally thought the music was heavily inspired by Gasper Noe’s Irreversible. There was a repetitive siren-like sound used to build tension and atmosphere which I found almost identical to the horrible, yet unforgettable, sound in Noe’s cult classic


This is a film with characters who do not follow the same tiresome bs we get in most movies. These guys can’t magically fight, shoot guns and kick ass when their child is in danger. This is a film about the actions of those who can not fight; the scaredy cats & wimps. It makes more realistic sense that these people froze in fear and were unable to do anything to protect their kid. They just couldn’t. They were put in a situation no one should ever have to be in. When push came to shove, they decided to get shoved. It makes those last words before the gruesome final act even more chilling “because you let me”. Sure, it will still divide some viewers but to me, this is psychological mind fuckery at its very best.

Speak No Evil is now available to stream on Shudder. If you’re not with Shudder, then the £4.99 monthly subscription fee is worth alone for this film.


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