Chimera Strain 2018. A Science Fiction Movie for Science Nerds

#ChimeraTheMovie Chimera 2018

This time I’m taking you to science fiction town and dragging you through some thriller and drama while I’m there. Maurice Haeems (writer/director) is a virgin for feature films. He is not, however, a lightweight. After careers in mechanical/fluid engineering, investment banking, and software he collaborated with former investors and made this film.

The casting was selected by Mark Tillman who also cast It (1990), MacGyver and Robocop (1994). It’s no wonder that casting for Chimera is tight. If you like sci-fi thriller movies, then you really shouldn’t pass this one up. It’s taken a while to release in theatres, but the idea is a really interesting one.

The title of the film has been given an additional word for release in theatres across the USA, Chimera Strain.

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Review For The Weird And Wonderful DER BUNKER

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I can safely say that Nikias Chryssos’  directorial début DER BUNKER is unlike anything you have ever seen. I knew Der Bunker had great reviews from the festival circuit. Apart from that, I knew nothing about it, so I jumped at the chance to review when it came my way. Firstly I would like to say that this movie is not suited … Read more

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