The Platform 2 trailer: Who’s Hungry For More?

Platform 2 trailer and info Moviehooker

The Platform was released on Netflix in 2020 and quickly became one of the most original horror films that the streaming service has on offer. The first film became a huge hit during the pandemic and it was reported that The Platform was watched in nearly 60 million households. So, with those stats, this looked … Read more

Love Lies Bleeding: Saint Maud Director Masters Yet Another Genre

Love Lies Bleeding review - Moviehooker

Director/writer Rose Glass follows up on her fantastic psychological horror SaintMaud with Love Lies Bleeding.  Starring Kristen Stewart, Katy O’Brian and Ed Harris, Love Lies Bleeding is a vicious rollercoaster of love wrapped in barbed wire, steroids and body horror.  The film tells the story of Lou Lou (Kristen Stewart) who works in a gym in a small rural American … Read more

Fantasia International Film Festival Top Picks Part 4

Fantasia International Film Festival- Parvulos - Moviehooker top picks part 4

We are back with part four of our top picks for Fantasia International Film Festival – you can check out the other entries – Check Them Out Here From the 4 parts I’ve written and the films I have talked about, part 4 is definitely my favourite of the lists so far. Let’s get to it. THE PARAGON The … Read more

The Devil’s Bath review: Devastating Depiction of Depression in 18th Century Austria

The Devil's Bath review - Moviehooker

The wait is finally over, The Devil’s Bath was unleashed on us all yesterday from Goodnight Mommy directors Steeped in dark, tragic history and told with brutal honesty and accuracy, The Devil’s Bath is a new slow-burn, dark psychological drama about female depression in 18th-century Austria.  The film begins with a crying baby, the cries … Read more

Trailer for Aussie Shocker BIRDEATER

Birdeater movie - Moviehooker news

Birdeater was featured on a recent Moviehooker list and it looks like this is going to be one of the craziest flicks of 2024 When Aussies go for the bleakness, there’s very little that can compare to the uncomfortable nastiness they create. Now, it looks like we have two new filmmakers in town and their … Read more


New Serial killer Movies - A Moviehooker List

I am back with a new list. This time I am focusing on some new serial killer movies and I promise that some of these will shake you to the core  Unless you have been sleeping under a rock, I am sure you will have heard of some of these new serial killer movies, but I hope I have … Read more

Exhibit A: Forgotten Greats No.3

Exhibit A movie - Forgotten Greats - A Moviehooker List

Part 3 of Moviehooker’s Forgotten Greats is the fantastic found footage crime drama Exhibit A. You can check out Part 1 and Part 2 here Okay, I will start off by saying that Exhibit A will certainly not be for everyone. The style of filming requires a deep understanding of how the found footage sub-genre exactly works: It ain’t pretty, it’s … Read more


Bleakest Films With The Bleakest Endings - A Moviehooker List

A new list of films featuring some of the bleakest endings guaranteed to rip your soul apart. MARTYRS Pascal Laugier’s, Martyrs pushed a lot of boundaries when it came to on-screen violence and was one of the leading titles in the French Extreme Movement.  The story of two friends on a quest for vengeance when one … Read more


Home Invasion Movies - A Moviehooker List

KIDNAPPED A family who live in a gated community are attacked in their home by three masked criminals. They take the family hostage and force the father to go with one of the criminals to withdraw money from an ATM. The family are tortured and beaten severely until their survival instinct kicks in they begin … Read more

Moviehooker’s Most Anticipated Horror Movies For 2024

Infested Review new Spider Horror - Moviehooker

As 2023 comes to a close, I have decided to make a list of my most anticipated horror movies we will get to see in 2024. I hope you enjoy it. Yes, you will probably find a lot of these movies on other Moviehooker lists too. But these are my personal choices and the ones … Read more

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