PART ONE: Insane Japanese Movies That Everyone should see

Japan is home to some of the most insaneĀ films on the planet . I have loads of the films featured on moviehooker throughout the years, but I have never put them all in a list together for your twisted viewing pleasure I started out just wanting to do a top ten but its just impossible. … Read more

Top Ten Foreign Thrillers Part 2

Part two of my new Top Ten Foreign Thrillers post. Top Foreign Thrillers All of the films featured in this 3-part post are new releases or will be getting released really soon. For the first 3 films just check related articles at bottom of the page, or use the search bar.  4: KIYAMACHI DARUMA As we … Read more

Another Top Ten Foreign Thrillers Part 1

I will be making another one of my popular Top Ten Foreign Thrillers lists over the next week or so. Here is the first 3 movies, it wasn’t intentional but looks like part 1 is a Japanese Special, sure there is nothing wrong with that. 1: The Snow White Murder Case New murder mystery from … Read more


1: NOTHING BAD CHHAN HAPPEN OFFICIAL PLOTTore (Julius Feldmeier) is a young man who has fallen in with so-called Jesus Freaks, a punk Christian sect basing themselves out of a house in Hamburg. Though an awkwardly unassuming sort, Tore one day makes acquaintance with an affable family man, Benno (Sascha Gersak), and decides to move … Read more


Here is a list of ten shocking films currently on Netflix. Have a look if you dare. 1: PIETA OFFICIAL PLOT (wiki) A vicious man (Lee Jung-Jin) works for a loan shark as an enforcer. When customers are unable to pay for their outrageous interest payments the man forces these borrowers to gimp their own … Read more

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