Mogwai: If The Stars Had A Sound SXSW Review

Mogwai: If The Stars Had A Sound SXSW Review Moviehooker

MOGWAI: IF THE STARS HAD A SOUND. It’s hard to be objective when reviewing a film about a band I’ve loved for the last 20 years but I’ll do my best… Mogwai is a prolific, mostly instrumental band from Glasgow with 10 studio albums and many excellent EPs. In recent years they have also transitioned … Read more

KNEECAP: Irish Language Hip Hop Film Wins Prestigious Sundance Award

Kneecap - Moviehooker information our new Irish hip hop overlords

Kneecap, a word that has more than one meaning in Irish culture is now synonymous with not only a brutal act of violence but also, a native-language hip-hop band. Not only is Kneecap turning heads in the world of hip-hop, but now also in the film industry. The self-titled film, Kneecap has won the audience … Read more

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