Netflix Original

Some new Netflix originals that have arrived or will be arriving soon A brand new list featuring some of the best new Netflix originals that should be on your radar. When this list was initially started, all and these titles were unreleased. Now, when will am finally getting back to…

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 Trailer for upcoming Netflix cult thriller APOSTLE Apostle is the new film from the director of The Raid movies. This time, Gareth Evans steps away from the bone-crunching martial arts and enters the creepy world of the occult. The film stars Dan Stevens (The Guest), Lucy Boynton (Murder On The Orient Express),…

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Best Netflix Original Series’ (PART TWO)

Netflix Original NOBEL

In part one of the Netflix Originals posts, I covered OZARK, NARCOS, MARSEILLE, EL CHAPO, and STRANGER I knew it would be impossible to put get all of the Netflix original series’ into one post as there is just so much choice. Every article I have read has the same “popular”…

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