The Best South Korean Content on Amazon Prime Video - A Moviehooker List

I am happy to report that we are starting to see a rise in South Korean content on Amazon Prime Video. Here is the first Moviehooker list. DEATH’S GAME (SERIES) A man who commits suicide is met at the gates of Hell by Death. Death offers him the chance to live again but under one … Read more

SMALL THINGS LIKE THESE: New Irish Indie Starring Cillian Murphy Leads Berlinale Film Festival

Small Things Like These - Moviehooker

A new Irish independent feature Small Things Like These has been chosen as the opening film for this year’s Berlinale International Film Festival¬† Starring and produced by Cillian Murphy and co-starring the great Ciaran Hinds and Emily Watson directed by Tim Mielants. It is based on a short novel by Claire Keegan with Enda Walsh … Read more



I know a lot of people who are going to be excited to check out Gacy: Serial Killer Next Door A new film based on the shocking crimes of one of America’s most prolific serial killers, John Wayne Gacy will be released on January 30th. A teenage boy starts to think that his neighbour has … Read more


Best movies to stream on Amazon Prime - Moviehooker

10 OF THE BEST MOVIES YOU CAN STREAM ON AMAZON PRIME UK/IRELAND RIGHT NOW! I feel that Amazon have really stepped up their game. Their library of films is growing and they really have some impressive stuff on there, Below you will find my personal choices. Moviehooker’s Best Movies To Stream On Amazon Prime. A … Read more

SOCIETY OF THE SNOW REVIEW: Exceptional Retelling Of Andes Plane Crash Survivors

Society of the Snow Moviehooker Review

J.A Bayona‘s highly-anticipated Netflix Original Society Of Snow has finally arrived I’m sure you are all aware of the story and ’90s film Alive. It starred Ethan Hawke about the rugby team whose plane crashed in the Andes mountains. Those who survived had to endure the harshest and cruellest of conditions, all with no food. Out of complete … Read more


Best South Korean Films On Netflix - The Forgotten - Moviehooker

I am back with a new list of the Best South Korean movies you can stream on Netflix. These films are on Netflix UK/Ireland. But, as a lot of them are Netflix originals, most of them should be available to stream no matter whereabouts you live. I hope you enjoy it. From gangster flicks to … Read more

The Devil On Trial Review: The Devil’s In The Douchebag

The Devil On Trial Netflix Review - Moviehooker

The new Netflix true crime documentary, The Devil On Trial recently hit Netflix and I’ve quite a bit to say about it. The Devil on Trial focuses on a young boy who claims to have been possessed by a demonic entity. This led to a brutal murder when the demon took over his older brother. … Read more

New Serial Killer Movies

Pig Killer Movie - New Serial killer Movies - Moviehooker

I am back again with another list. This time I am focusing on new serial killer movies, recently released or coming soon. Ok, some of these films sound great but I could be wrong. What’s important is that you make your own mind up for yourself. There are definelty 3 or 4 on this list … Read more

New European Horror Movies Part 2 with Trailers

New European Horror Movies Megalomaniac Featured Image

We are back with another list with more new European horror movies. It seemed that the first list was too small so we’ve added more…and some awesome-sounding ones too. For part 1, just click this link! We have another fine mix of new European horror movies and hopefully something for everyone. From the supernatural to … Read more

Hurts Like Hell: Enter The Dark and Seedy World of Muay Thai

Hurts like Hell Netflix Review Moviehooker

A new mini-series has just dropped on Netflix called Hurts Like Hell. This new 4-part series is from Thailand and deals with the corruption in Muay Thai Boxing Part fictional and part documentary, the series delves into the dark and exploitive world of Thai boxing. In great detail, we get to see the corruption the … Read more

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