Pascal Laugier's Incident At Ghostland

Pascal Laugier Is Back With First Teaser For INCIDENT IN A GHOST LAND

The director of 2008’s horror classic MARTYRS is back with INCIDENT IN A GHOST LAND Pascal Laugier is back with the first teaser for his brand new horror movie, Incident In A  Ghostland – the first film Laugier has released since 2012’s The Tall man.  As you are all aware, Martyrs is Continue Reading


MARTYRS remake will Première Soon, Here Is All The Information You Need To Know From The Directors Recent Reddit AMA

The remake of Pascal Laugier‘s, Martyrs will have its world première at this year’s Screamfest. As you all know, Martyrs is my all time favourite horror movie and a film that messed with my mind like no other. Yes, I am sceptical about this remake, but that is only because Continue Reading

7 Directors, Their First Independent Non-English Feature, And Their English Language Debut

Usually with mainstream Hollywood cinema, it is hit-&-miss and we don’t get a lot of originality. Everything seems to be some sort of remake, revamp, or regurgitation in some shape or form. But some of the directors who are now dishing out some of the best best films started of Continue Reading