Trailer For New Netflix Post Apocalyptic Flick The Midnight Sky

Midnight Sky Trailer Moviehooker

Midnight Sky The trailer for new George Clooney post-apocalyptic flick The Midnight Sky has just landed. The Midnight Sky is a new Netflix Original science fiction film based on the book Good Morning, Midnight by Lily Brooks-Dalton. As well as starring, George Clooney also directs the new Netflix Original. The screenplay was written by Mark … Read more

5 New South Korean Movies You Should Know About

5 New South Korean movies

I am back again with another list of 5 new South Korean movies I believe should be on your radar. I hope you enjoy. This list of 5 new South Korean movies is a nice blend of different genres, so hopefully, there is something for everyone. It really looks like we could have some great … Read more

New South Korean Cinema – 5 New South Korean Films You Need To Know About

5 new films coming our way from South Korea to hook you up with. A nice blend of¬†South Korean, ¬†horror, action, crime and comedy. I hope you enjoy it. Gokseong (The Wailing) Goksung is the new South Korean film from the director and writer of The Chaser, and The Yellow Sea. It is, without a doubt … Read more

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