The Best Horror Coming Your Way 2024

Another Moviehooker list of what I think is going to be some of the best horror releases throughout the year. Some of these are on the festival circuit so we will be waiting a w while on a VOD/Theatre release


Okay, who ordered a new creature feature? After an apocalyptic event, Nicolas Cage and Co are hunted by some sort of nocturnal creature hellbent on ripping them apart.

That’s all I know about the plot but if you’re like me then all you would have to see here is Nic Cage and Creature Feature and be sold on that alone. Have we ever seen Nic Cage battle any sort of supernatural creature? I can’t t think of any, if I am wrong please let me know.


If we had to pick a leading lady who has proved time and time again that she is this generation’s scream queen, I am hoping you would be the same as me and choose Samara Weaving. In everything, especially horror that I have seen her in she has proved to be a worthy successor of the scream queen title.

Directed by E.L Katz, the director of the brilliant Cheap Thrills and written by Simon Barrett (You’re Next, The Guest), Azrael stars Samara Weaving as Azrael, a woman born in a world where no one speaks. But as a certain judgement day prediction approaches, Azrael must now be sacrificed to prevent an evil from ruling the earth.


There has been a rise in movies with eerie puppets or hideous stop-motion creations and to be honest, films like Stop-Motion, Mad God or the incredibly eerie Possum have proved to be some of the best horror we have got in that year off releases.

Oddity is following in the footsteps only this time it is a wooden mannequin. It focuses on a woman who is trying to figure out what happened to her missing sister by using some weird wooden mannequin. That’s all I know…I am intrigued.


Hunting Daze sound damn good. It focuses on a sex worker called Nina who, after a fight ends up staying with the men who hired her services. These men hunt hard, and party even harder and after some initiations, Nina is allowed into their pack. They agree to let Nina stay with them until she can get a ride back to town.

|What I would expect, or at least what this sub-genre has taught me is that Hunting Daze probably turns into some sort of revenge thriller. Wrong. This is an interesting approach, but for once, these hillbilly hunters ain’t the monsters cinema has taught us to fear. However, their peaceful existence is challenged by the arrival of an African man and an accident that sends them over the edge with paranoia.


A woman struggling with money issues sees a gap in the market and decides to start up an app where you can get put in touch with mystics, psychics & healers. In order for her to succeed, she starts to import exotic animals from Africa.

From what I can gather from the minimal plot details is one of these people on her new app actually have these powers and throws her into a world dark magic and evil.


Kyrptic looks to be another creature feature, so yay! We can never have too many. This one looks to have quite a unique plot too and focuses on a woman who is trying to track down a monster hunter but finds out she shares a scary bond with the monster he is trying to kill.


I wouldn’t be the biggest fan of Nun Horror (I guess we can call that a sub-genre now, right?). There are a few exceptions but it is usually a case of “seen one, seen them all”. However, Immaculate is considered to be one of the best horror films of the year, so I will take the bait.

Cecilia receives word that she has been accepted into a prestigious nunnery in the Italian countryside. Her devout faith is tested when she learns of the horrifying truth that waits for her inside these walls of worship.

As I said , this has been getting some great reviews with the latest praise coming from director/writer Edgar Wright. Time will tell but things are looking good.

Ok, folks that is it for this list of what I consider will be the best horror films releasing through 2024. As always, thanks for reading.

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