Baby Reindeer Review – A Flawless and Frightening Stalker Series

Baby Reindeer review

Baby Reindeer is a new Netflix original limited series based on a shocking true story of trauma, obsession, love, and the need to feel accepted. I knew nothing about this new series and stumbled on it while browsing. The 18-certificate, the lead character’s extremely dodgy-looking suit, the vibrant colours and a name like Baby Reindeer…I … Read more

The Coffee Table Review 2024: Dread-Fill Devastation

Coffee Table review - Moviehooker

The Coffee Table featured on a Moviehooker list written last year. It is not very often a poster that comes with the saying “A Cruel Film by”. That is what grabbed my attention. So, was it as cruel as the poster states? The Coffee Table is about a couple called Maria and Jesus who have … Read more


New Horror Movies 2024 - A Moviehooker List

We are back with a brand new list of New Horror movies featuring folk horror, creature features, serial killers, and the apocalypse. As always, we hope you enjoy it. NEW LIFE New Life looks like an interesting new horror hybrid. It follows a woman who believes that she is on the run for murder. What … Read more

9 Extreme Action Films & how The Raid Inspired a new generation of cinematic brutality

Extreme Action Films - The Raid - A Moviehooker List

The story has it that Gareth Evans traveled to Indonesia looking to make a documentary on the Indonesian form of martial arts, silat. When he arrived he met a bus driver called Iko who drove employees to a telecommunication center. This bus driver also so happened to be a national champion and a master of … Read more

The Shadow Strays -Timo Tjhajanto Returns With New Actioner

The Shadow Strays - Moviehooker info

The Shadow Strays is a new Indonesian action film from Timo Tjahjanto A while back, Indonesian horror and action maestro Timo Tjhajanto signed a multi-film deal with Netflix. So far we have had May The Devil Take You, May The Devil Take You Too, Big 4, and now, a new brutal actioner, The Shadow Strays. … Read more

Bleeding Love review: A tragic tale of addiction, love & rekindled connection

Bleeding Love Review Moviehooker

Ewan McGregor and Clara McGregor star in Bleeding Love. A human story of unresolved trauma & addiction  Even here in my home town, everyone has a friend or family member that has battled addiction in one way or another. That may sound like a scary statistic and as sad as that sounds, I would wholeheartedly … Read more

10 of the Best Australian Horror Movies

Australian Horror Films A Moviehooker List

I am back with another new list of Australian horror movies. Recently, we have had a huge surge in traffic from Australia, so it’s only fair that we continue to feed that monster! Okay, so maybe not all of these are extreme but a good majority of them are. I can safely say though that … Read more

Upcoming Slashers Movies 2024

Upcoming Slashers - Bloodline Killer - A Moviehooker List

I am back with a new list of upcoming slashers that have been recently released or arriving throughout the year.  This wouldn’t be my favourite of the horror genre but I know a lot of my readers love a good ole slasher flick so I must hook you up with all the upcoming slashers I … Read more

Primitive War: Proper Dinosaur Horror In The Works

Primitive War info Moviehooker

It seems that my movie prayers have been answered – The new announcement of Primitive War has promised us pure dino horror! I have always said that I would love some all-out Dinosaur horror and it looks like we’re going to be getting exactly just that with Primitive War. I sound like a broken record talking about … Read more

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