Game of Death: The Best Survival Films and Series’ Part 1

Squid Game has taken the world by storm, and we knew it would. It makes us extremely happy that people are finally starting to realise the originality, brutality and masterful filmmaking in Asian cinema. Now, as a treat for you all, we will be writing a huge 3-piece article with similar films and series’ like Squid Game! You need a new Game of Death…let’s hook you up!

I am sure there’s going to be some in here that you have already seen…I would be very disappointed if that is not the case. But I do guarantee you that we will be throwing you some gems that you’ve never heard of before. So without further ado, here are our best Game of Death survival films and series’

SQUID GAME (South Korea)

A group of 456 contestants, all with money issues are thrown together to play deadly kids games. There can only be one survivor to take home the cash prize.

The series played out a lot different than what I had imagined…and it was for the better too. I was hoping for just mayhem, bloodshed and hundreds of deaths in each episode. There was a lot of character development that really made you love or hate the characters. Yes, of course, there was an insane body count but the way the story unfolded really made you care about who was going to die.

I am gonna take another wild guess and tell you that the inevitable season 2 will be announced by Netflix very, very soon.


Game of Death movies and series

To me, Battle Royale was where it all began. A group of school students are gassed and brought to a secret island to fight to the death. Each student gets a different weapon to protect and kill; you might get lucky with a gun or machete, or unlucky with a bin-lid.

Over 40 students battle to survive, there can only be one winner. To jazz things up a bit, each student is has a bomb strapped around their neck; if they escape, they die, if they are in the red zones at certain times, they die!

CUBE (Japan/USA)

Game of Death movies and series

Cube really needs no introduction as it is now considered a cult classic. We will be getting a new Cube remake from Japan that should be releasing really soon. If anyone is going to remake an American classic, I would trust Asia more than any other country to get it right.

The new vision will be directed by Yasuhiko Shimizu (Vise) with a screenplay by
Kôji Tokuo adapted from Vincenzo Natali‘s 1997 original film.

A group of strangers wake up in a large cubed cell, separated into different rooms. Each room has a deadly game where the slightest mistake can mean the death of them all.

Full of body-crushing, laser-beaming, skin-melting, spike-crushing gore.  I can not wait to see what the new remake has in store. 



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