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Riders of Justice: Trailer+release date for new Mads Mikkelsen revenge film

Riders of Justice is a new revenge thriller/comedy starring  Mads MikkelsenNikolaj Lie KaasAndrea Heick Gadeberg 

Riders Of Justice has been on the radar now for a little under a year. I shared a small clip last year on social media and that clip didn’t even have subtitles but with Mikkelsen involved with director Anders Thomas Jensen again, I knew this was going to be something great. And, of course, Mikkelsen rocking the beard and jacket just like our beloved fallen hero, Richard in Shane Meadow’s, Dead Man’s Shoes.

Riders Of Justice tells the story of a man who lost his wife in a train crash. He travels back to Denmark to be with his only daughter, Mathilde to mourn. He is then approached by a mathematical genius that shows him that the train crash was far from an accident.


So, for those of you that are not familiar with writer/director Anders Thomas Jensen, I thought I would tell you about his other quality movies you may have missed that also star Mikkelsen. Jensen & Mikkelsen are sort of like the Danish Scorsese and DiCaprio. They have worked on a few projects together. I thought I would hook you all up with the information on those movies.


The Green Butchers is a macabre horror-comedy about a couple of friends who decide to open their own butcher shop after taking too much shit off of their boss. When An electrician dies in the freezer of their new shop, there are two things they can do – 1, do the right thing and phone the cops…or, 2, sell the dead dude in the freezer as marinated chicken to their gullible customers. Which one do you think they choose?

This was just a tonne of fun and reminded me quite a bit of the French classic Delicatessen


After The Green Butchers, there was Adam’s Apples. It is more of a dark drama than anything. It couldn’t be more different from The Green Butchers proving that they can almost tackle any genre.

The story of an ex-con neo-Nazi that is released into the care of a church before being allowed back into society. The film deals with the relationship between the neo-Nazi and the devoted church priest. Not much to it on the outside but Adam’s Apples is a deeply moving, thought-provoking and powerful film.

These three are the only ones that I know that Jensen and Mikkelsen have collaborated on. If I have missed any films, then I would be delighted if you were to let me know. I really hope that some of you ain’t heard of these flicks before. If so, you guys are in for a cinematic treat.

As always, thanks for reading.

Riders Of Justice is due for release on the 21st of May

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New Netflix Arrivals Feb/March

We are back with another list. This time focusing on new Netflix arrivals that have just arrived or getting released in March. I have thrown in a few movies that I have put on the back-burner because of poor reviews etc. Still, they might be worth checking out now that they’re on Netflix. I hope you enjoy the article.

CAPONE – 25th February

New Netflix Arrivals – Capone

Capone stars Tom Hardy in a semi-biographical movie about legendary gangster Al Capone. The film focuses on Capone getting dementia and being tormented by his past and the crimes he committed.

There was a huge buzz surrounding this movie when the first pics of Tom Hardy were released. Then when the movie finally released, it got butchered. Make your own mind up and watch it on Netflix. At least the make-up looks great!

US – 28th February

New Netflix Arrivals – US

This one ain’t for me, but that doesn’t mean some of you guys won’t like it. Us is from director and writer Jordan Peele and the follow-up to his hugely successful hypno-horror Get Out

A family on vacation are terrorised by what looks like evil versions of themselves.

ALICE – 1st March (Series)

New Netflix Arrivals – Alice

There has been no slowing down in amazing content from Asia, imparticular, South Korea. We have so many great, dark dramas like Strangers From Hell, Voice, Signal, Partners for Justice, Stranger…I could go on and on.

Another thing that keeps popping up in South Korean crime dramas’ is time travel and that is what we have with Alice.

A detective investigating a group of murders and possible serial killer comes into contact with time travellers.

Netflix have just announced that they plan to spend a staggering 500 million dollars on South Korean content in 2021.


New Netflix Arrivals – The Art Of Self Defense

Starring Jesse EisenbergAlessandro NivolaImogen Poots, The Art of Self Defense is an oddball comedy. The film focuses on a guy who starts to learn karate to defend himself after being attacked by a group of thugs. He enlists in a local DoJo run by a charismatic sensei.

SENTINELLE – 5th March

New Netflix Arrivals – SENTINELLE

I really like the sound of this one. Sentinelle stars Olga Kurylenko (Centurian, Quantum of Solace, Oblivion) and is directed by Julien Leclercq (The Assault).

We seem to have a simple revenge premise that has been used countless times. Someone comes back from the army to seek revenge on a fallen loved one. It is rare that we get a female in the lead role, so really looking forward to this one.


New Netflix Arrivals – She Dies Tomorrow

She Dies Tomorrow sounds like another viral outbreak movie, only with a twist. A girl believes that she is going to die the next day but we soon learn that her fear is contagious and anyone she comes into contact with also believes they’re going to die the following day.

Sounds fun.

DEALER – 10th March (Series – France)

New Netflix Arrivals – Dealer

Those of you that ain’t a fan of the found-footage genre, then you will probably wanna give this one a miss. However, if you are a fan of the hand-held shaky-cam, Dealer sounds very interesting.

The series focuses on a group of filmmakers who tread into dangerous gangland territory to make a Hip-Hop video for a rapper and end up becoming targets by the gangs.


New Netflix Arrivals – The Sisters Brothers

Dark comedy western starring John C Reilly and Joaquin Phoenix. Two assassin brothers, Eli and Charlie Sisters set out to assassinate a man who stole from their boss

Based on a novel by Canadian author Patrick deWitt

PET SEMATARY – 12th March

New Netflix Arrivals – Pet Sematary

The recent remake of the classic Stephen King story. To be honest, the reviews have been pretty bad for this and that is the reason I haven’t checked it out yet. Still, it should be worth a watch on Netflix. Something to turn the brain off to.

A sequel to Pet Sematary has also just been announced.

WHO KILLED SARA? – 24th March (series)

New Netflix Arrivals – Who Killed Sara?

Described as an intense thriller, Who Killed Sara? might just be the new crime series everyone will be talking about.

After spending 17-years in prison for the murder of his sister, a man gets released with revenge on his mind. He rejoins a crime family and plots to take down the ones responsible for the murder of his sister.

That is it for this list. I hope you have been hooked up with some good future viewing. As always, thanks for reading.

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TV Shows You May Have Missed

A New List Of TV Shows You May Have Missed

Check out our brand new list of excellent TV shows that may have missed and slipped under the radar for some.

No Man’s Land

No Man's Land

As tense as they come, No Man’s Land is a terrific production between France & Turkey. It deals with a group of female Kurdish resistance fighters who dedicate their lives on the frontline fighting ISIS.

After seeing a video of a suicide bombing online, Antoine drops everything and goes in search of his presumably dead sister, Anna.

Season one has just wrapped after 8-episodes. A very powerful series with excellent character development, making you understand the choices of each individual character and how they arrived at where they are.

Little Drummer Girl

Little Drummer Girl

Another one I am late to the game with. Little Drummer Girl is directed by none other than Park Chan Wook (Oldboy). Starring Florence Pugh, Alexander Skarsgård and Michael Shannon

An actress is recruited by a secret spy agency to infiltrate a terrorist organisation. Her role: to become the ex-girlfriend of a wanted terrorist and gather intel.

Full of top-notch performances but yet again Florence Pugh steals the show. After her intense performance as Danni in Midsommar, she continues to show growing-strength in every role she is choosing. Without a doubt, my favourite actress at the minute.

The Outsider

The Outsider

Based on a novel by Stephen King and starring Jason Bateman. The Outsider was a hugely popular HBO series that got released last year.

Multiple eyewitnesses claim to have seen a blood-soaked killer in the same area a brutal killing of a young boy has taken place. The cops soon realise that something otherworldly and more sinister is at work.

A solid series that does sort of drag out a bit but still well worth your time and commitment.

Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects follows reporter, Camille. After fleeing her small town, its horrible memories and her controlling mother, she is forced back home to cover the story of a murdered kid. It doesn’t take long to notice why she left as her memories start to flood back which is deeply affecting her mental state.

In a way, Sharp Objects reminded me a little of Martha Marcy May Marlene in the way the flashbacks are told.

The Act

The Act

I just fucking knew that it was going to be bleak (I mean, look at that poster…deranged!). No monsters, no zombies, ghosts or vampires, this award-winning series deals with something way scarier than any fictional monster – humans…and based on a shocking true story as well.

Patricia Arquette plays the mother of Gypsy Rose, a young kid who has every sort of illness imaginable. She is wheelchair-bound, fed through a tube in her stomach and has to sleep with oxygen masks covering her whole face. As well as all of the above-mentioned, she has serious life-threatening allergies. But, maybe her daughter ain’t as sick as she seems

As well as Patricia Arquette giving us a terrifying performance as Dee Dee Blanchard, Joey King, who plays the daughter, Gypsy Rose is every bit as good. Both of them together is one of the strongest TV duos in recent memory.

That’s it for this list of TV Shows You May Have Missed. Hope we have hooked you up with some nice binge-worthy material. As always, thanks for reading.

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Hunted Hits Shudder on Jan 14th – Check Out Our Review!

Hunted marks director Vincent Paronnaud’s debut into live-action feature films.

He is best known for the remarkable Belgian coming of age animated feature, Persepolis. Hunted couldn’t be further from his award-winning animated feature. It is co-written by Léa Pernollet.

A solid cat and mouse fast-paced thriller, Hunted takes inspiration from the world of fairytales. To be more precise, Little Red Riding Hood or the horror reimagining, Company of Wolves. Only our villain ain’t a snarling wolf – he’s human but we see a ferocious beast-like transformation take place. Sometimes, humans are more to fear than monsters


Under pressure from a failing construction job, Eve (Lucie Debay) hits the local pub for some drinks to unwind and relax. After a brief encounter with a local sleaze, she is rescued by a mysterious local (Arieh Worthalter). Eve thinks that her night is about to change…it is. Before we know it, Eve is kidnapped by her once-charming hero and his clueless accomplice (Ciaran O’Brien). She is thrown into the boot of a car and then released into the woods to be hunted and killed.


While Hunted doesn’t offer us up much originality in this sub-genre it is a beautiful and often brutal film. Is it extreme? well, that depends on how extreme you like your movies. It is simplistic and very effective and shot beautifully. Our lead characters are both two-sided and it is super-fun to watch that transition take place. From charming hero to psychopathic killer and from scared prey to a badass savage warrior!

HUNTED premieres on Shudder January 14th in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand 

You can check out the trailer below. I hope you enjoy.

As always, thanks for reading.

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New Serial Killer Movie Based on Nikolai “Metal Fang” Dzhumagaliev

Three had its world premiere at this year’s Busan International Film Festival and shines a dark light on Nikolai “Metal Fang” Dzhumagaliev

The film is based on Nikolai “Metal Fang” Dzhumagaliev, a Soviet serial killer that was responsible for butchering and cannibalising 7 people between 1979-1980.

In, Three, we don’t have your typical serial killer movie. Just like in I Saw The Devil, the viewer knows early-on who the killer is. The film deals with the long-term effects it has on the arresting police officers. The main cop investigating these horrible crimes doesn’t have the experience needed to deal with the trauma caused by Dzhumagaliev’s brutal slayings. It was his first job in the quiet, small Soviet town of Kaskelen. Nothing could prepare him for the horrors he was about to witness. Experience or not, these crimes and their cruel nature would take a toll on the most hardened of the police force. For those of you looking for a dark & twisted serial killer flick, Three ticks all of the boxes.


Nikolai Espolovich Dzhumagaliev is a Soviet serial killer, also known as Metal Fang, convicted of the murders of seven people in the Kazakh SSR between 1979 and 1980. Dzhumagaliev killed and cannibalized at least nine people, targeting mainly women in the Almaty area, and is believed to have killed more until his arrest.

The Wiki page is a hard read. This guy was one fucked-up individual. He goes into great detail in the confessions of his killings. If you’re into serial killers…it is a fascinating read.

Directed by Ruslan Pak. Three is co-production between South Korea, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

You can expect to see a release of, Three sometime next year. We are unsure of what platform it will be released on as of yet. More news to follow as it is announced.

You can check out the trailer below

As always, thanks for reading.

Stay safe.

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4 BLOCKS: Gomorrah meets Sons Of Anarchy

I have no idea how 4 Blocks got past me. In a way, it’s great because I get to binge everything that is available…well, on Amazon Prime anyways.

4 Blocks is set in Berlin, it focuses on a Lebanese drug cartel/mafia run by Toni Hamady. Toni and his gang of Arab thugs make their fortune preying on the weak and vulnerable, getting the poor addicted to crack.

When their lifelong buddy, Vince arrives back on the scene after being away for decades he is quickly taken under Toni’s wing. But unlike, Toni, everyone isn’t as fast to trust, Vince.

A bitter turf breaks out between Toni & co and a local German biker gang called The Cthulhus (yay! An H.P Lovecraft reference).

4 Blocks is highly addictive….just like the crack they’re pushing.

The setting of all the high rise flats, drug dealers living the life of luxury while the majority of people suffer because of desperation and addiction is just like the fantastic Gomorrah. I made that comparison 5-minutes into the first episode. Then, the biker gang comes into it which really gives it a Sons of Anarchy vibe.

Season 2 deals with the same crimelords, only we get more gangs involved…and if you think the bikers were badass, then wait until you meet the others

There is a third season released (TNT Original) but as of yet, it ain’t available on Amazon Prime.

So, if you’re a fan of Gomorrah, Sons of Anarchy or any other really respected crime/mafia series then I advise you to get on 4 Blocks as soon as possible. You won’t be disappointed.

One of the best things I have watched in a long time. I was so gutted that season 3 wasn’t available on Amazon Prime. For those of you that have access to TNT, I am sure you’ll get hooked up with season 3 there. Lucky you!

As always thanks for reading.

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Need A New Series? Check These Out!

Like the rest of the world at the minute, I have been on a serious TV Series binge.

Most of these I had no idea about so I hope you all will find something to keep you all entertained and sane for a little longer at least! I hope you enjoy it.

8 Days

8 Days is a series about a large asteroid that’s about to hit Europe. It deals with multiple characters as they try to escape a lawless city where everyone has turned to violence to try and survive.

I think this is a realistic


We have another viral outbreak series from Europe. This time, a group of survivors on a island off of the North Coast must try and avoid infection from a deadly new virus that claiming the lives of everyone and everything it infects.

Some of you may have had enough of these types of series’. This was shot before our pandemic hit….and it is scarily realistic.

Der Pass

Der Pass is yet another reimagining of Swedish/Danish crime classic, The Bridge. Only this time, it deals with two cops; one from Germany and one from Austria.

They have changed quite a bit…and for the better too. Previous remakes (English-French, American-Mexican) followed the same formula with the female cop having Aspergers. There is none of that in Der Pass. Pretty much, the similarities stop after they find the body laid out across the German and Austrian border.

A dark and intelligent serial killer drama. The serial killer reminds me of a mix of the Unabomber and Lloyd Christmas from, Dumb & Dumber (only without the comedy).


Biohackers is also from Germany and deals with a group of young students who are trying to change DNA patterns.

This was a bit of a slow start but there are enough interesting characters to keep us watching.

When we know what’s going on, it really takes a dark turn. It is scary in the sense that anyone who has the knowledge to do anything with DNA etc. If they become unhinged and unpredictable, we are all in very big trouble.

The Third Day

Starring Jude Law, Paddy Considine, Emily Watson, John Dagleish and Naomie Harris.

The Third Day is probably the most ambitious tv show in years. The series deals with characters that get stranded on a small English island. The island is only accessible when the tide is out.

So, here is why it is one of the most ambitious tv shows in years. As well as a 6-part series, The Third Day also has an unbelievable 12-hour theatrical special.

Without giving too much away, the series deals with a festival called Osea, the 12-hour special is a live event and it must be the Osea festival in its entirety. I haven’t seen the special yet. Yeah, I know we are all in lockdown…but come on! 12-hours is a bit much. Even if it is broken into two 6-hours parts.

To me, The Third Day was a perfect blend of films like Midsommar, The Wicker Man and Ben Wheatley’s, Kill List.

Each episode is a different season so you have to keep in mind…even though there are weekly episodes, they are set weeks or months apart from the previous episode. The special will tie together and fill in the blanks.

I have to say that Jude Law’s performance was flawless. He really is a superb actor and in The Third Day, he really gives it his all.

Here is a link to the special. Don’t forget you must watch the other episodes first. Actually, I think the order to watch them is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, SPECIAL, 7
Autumn Part 1
Autumn Part 2

Brave New World

Some of you may like this more than I did…that’s why it makes the list. I mean, it is far from bad, but it just wasn’t for me.

It deals with a new utopian society of people who are all connected to a large system with a wifi contact lense.

This new world has rules though. Basically, all of our feelings that made us human are prohibited and kept at bay by popping numerous pills. Those who are still in the old world are known as Savages and act as a form of entertainment for the new world.

Brave New World stars Alden Ehrenreich, Jessica Brown Findlay and Harry Lloyd.

To The Lake

This series is from Russia and start the lead actor (Kirill Käro) from the fantastic Netflix sci-fi series, Better Than Us.

To The Lake deals with a virus that is rapidly spreading across Russia. Don’t be expecting zombies, this is just a nasty old virus that makes the eyes all crazy.

What I loved about this was that it was set in the country. When shit hits the fan, it’s every man and woman for themselves. I think I got a little bit too much of enjoyment from seeing elderly Russian ladies who look like they could wrestle a bear carrying automatic weapons. They take bad-assery to the the next level…all the way up to 11.

Well, that’s it for this list. I hope I have hooked you up with a new series or two. As always, thanks for reading.

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A Different Kind Of War: War Of The Worlds Review

It seems if your mind ain’t able to accept a different approach to the H.G Wells story then just don’t bother with the new War Of The Worlds.

Remember the latest Black Mirror season? the black & white episode titled “Dogs”?. Well, if you enjoyed that episode, then you’ll find a lot to love about War Of The Worlds. It takes you on a completely different journey than what you would expect. This is going to be a series, not a mini-series. Yeah, we don’t have the tripods that shoot laser beams, turning people into a pile of smouldering ash. That doesn’t mean we won’t get them, we just haven’t arrived there…yet. There are many references throughout the series that there is something much bigger about to happen.

The new adaptation deals with an alien invasion of a different kind. Most of humanity is wiped out due to a large pulsating neurological signal that kills everyone where they stand. The only survivors are those who made it underground at the time – these are our main protagonists. The series takes place mainly in France and England.

Instead of tripods, the first step of the invasion is robot-like dogs. These robots roam around the city killing everyone they come into contact with. But we soon learn that it ain’t just extermination. These dogs seem to be collecting information for step 2 of the invasion…well, that’s my thoughts anyway.

I really enjoyed War Of The Worlds. I have seen enough stuff in my time to be able to accept something different. I was hoping that we would get to see some tripods…but it wasn’t the end of the world (pun intended). The characters were really well written each with their own intentions and reasons for survival.

Yeah, there are some slow pacing moments that focuses on the characters during the invasion.

As for the violence, well, War Of The Worlds is Rated 18s and in bits, very violent, hard-hitting, graphic & tense. That alone was enough for me to give it my full attention. Unlike Steven Spielberg’s sugar-coated teeny, family-friendly adaptation, this new version doesn’t hold back.

I think I could compare the OST to 28 Days Later which is a huge compliment to the composer. The scenes of towns or cities that have been wiped out along with eerie, mellow simplistic guitar music really added to that apocalyptic vibe. The shots of vacant streets, littered with decomposing corpses were as haunting and disturbing as it sounds.


Yeah, it ain’t nothing like H.G Wells original story – but that’s coming…believe me. This new take on the classic sci-fi tale has just been expanded for the small-screen. If you ain’t able to accept change and open your mind to a new sort of War Of The Worlds then just you keep watching the Spielberg movie. This was fantastic and I can’t wait to see where they go with the story next.



I was very impressed with myself when I noticed my very own Easter Egg. Okay, I haven’t really looked into it, so maybe a lot of people got it

Officer Claire meets her death when one of the robo-dogs rips her unborn baby from her whom. There was an aerial shot showing her life-less, baby-less corpse on the ground. The person playing Officier Claire is called Alysson Paradis, a French actress. She starred in one of my favourite French Extreme movies called Inside. In, Inside, she battles with an evil woman who breaks into her house and tries to steal her unborn baby…and succeeds. It was a bleak af ending of her laying on the stairs with her unborn child ripped from her whom. I thought it was a nice little way of paying respects and homage to one of the films that paved my love for hardcore horror. So, I highly doubt it was a coincidence. I was delighted when I finally figured it out.

As always, thanks for reading.

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Fantasia Festival 2020 Review: Sleep

First up for our Fantasia Film Festival coverage is a German film, Sleep.

Mona (Gro Swantje Kohlhof) is deeply worried about her mother, Marlene (Sandra Huller). She doesn’t know if her Sleep condition is just her vivid imagination or some sort of undiagnosed illness.

Mona’s mother works as a flight attendant. They have a strong mother and daughter bond, but Marlene’s nightmares have got worse. She dreams of the same people, the same places and she battles the same, horrible nightmarish things when asleep. She has been doing rough sketches trying to piece together and make some sense of these reoccurring nightmares.

On a routine stay-over in Istanbul, Marlene has a severe episode after recognising the people on the wall photos of the hotel she is staying at. Unable to cope, her body shuts down leaving her in some sort of sleep paralysis limbo.

Mona decides to get the next available flight to be at her mother’s bedside. She books a room in the same hotel hoping to find out a bit more about what happened to her mother. On arrival, she starts to recognise that her mother may be telling the truth. There is truth in her nightmares.

The hotel is run by two odd, but seemingly nice people. It starts to take a turn when we see the owners of the hotel getting changed for bed. Everything is as it seems, an elderly couple in pyjamas about to tuck each other in and say goodnight. Then we realise that the husband has to to physically restrained before Sleep. That’s when things start to get eerie and just weird.

Sleep was a completely different film than what I expected. A film that leaves you thinking for a long time after viewing. Without giving too much away, we are all plagued by nightmarish visions, especially when we are asleep. But these nightmares, fictional or not, all stem from somewhere…or something. Sleep deals with a past that still haunts and a present that some don’t want to forget.

The acting was fantastic from all of the cast with some beautiful, yet fucked up dreamy visuals. When the credits roll you’ll be thinking of Sleep for some time after.

As always, thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more Fantasia Film Festival 2020 coverage here on Moviehooker.

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Trailer For New Sci-Fi Anthology UNDERGODS

Fantasia International Film Festival has dropped the first trailer for new sci-fi anthology ahead of the world premiere for 2020 Virtual Festival

Wow, it looks like Fantasia International Film Festival has done it again. We have so much amazing content coming our way. One of these films is Undergods, a new sci-fi anthology

It is a rare thing for us to get a sci-fi anthology. I mean, we have countless horror anthologies but sci-fi?…well, it’s almost unheard of. We have really been starved of sci-fi that ain’t mainstream bollix. Apart from 2020 being the biggest sci-fi this year, we have had very little. It looks like Undergods may fill that empty void.

Chino Moya’s, Undergods offers us a look at a frail dystopian future dealing with multiple characters across the U.K and Europe.

Here is the official plot from the Fantasia International Film Festival Press-Release

An otherworldly journey through a Europe in decline, Chino Moya’s UNDERGODS is a collection of aesthetically astonishing, darkly humorous fantasy tales about a series of men whose worlds fall apart through a visit from an unexpected stranger. This singular visual feast is a co-production between the UK, Belgium, Estonia, Serbia, and Sweden with a cast that includes Geza Rohrig (SON OF SAUL), Johann Meyers (SNATCH), Hayley Carmichael (LES MISERABLES), Eric Godon (IN BRUGES), Kate Dickie (THE WITCH), Adrian Rawlins (CHERNOBYL), Ned Dennehy (MANDY), and an especially crazed Jan Bijvoet (BORGMAN). World Premiere

Fantasia Press-Release

We have some really good names among the cast for Undergods. That and a trailer that just entices you and reels you in without spoiling any major plot points makes this new sci-fi one to be looking forward to.

You can check out the trailer for Undergods below

You can find out more about what’s playing at this year’s Fantasia International Film Festival below

As always, thanks for reading.

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