Hwang Dong-hyuk’s Next Feature Promises More Violence Than Squid Game

Hwang Dong-hyuk Killing Old People Club

Hwang Dong-hyuk has just announced his next feature, a “controversial film” that promises to give us more violence than Netflix’s, Squid Game We don’t have a lot of information but this is exciting news for us South Korean cinema fans. The new film will be based on the works of Italian novelist Umberto Eco. The … Read more

Game of Death: The Best Survival Films and Series’ Part 1

Game of Death: The Best Survival Horror and Series'

Squid Game has taken the world by storm, and we knew it would. It makes us extremely happy that people are finally starting to realise the originality, brutality and masterful filmmaking in Asian cinema. Now, as a treat for you all, we will be writing a huge 3-piece article with similar films and series’ like … Read more

Squid Game – Sometimes adulthood makes you forget your inner child, but what about your humanity?

Squid Game Game of Death Moviehooker Movie and series list

If you are expecting a full-action series, think again…Squid Game is about humans in hopeless situations, in their own worst-case scenario. We have Seong Gi-hun, a problematic son and not a good father figure. In the beginning, is hard to feel some empathy for him. I mean, he is a middle-aged man who steals money … Read more

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