Could GET MY REVENGE be the modern-day BATTLE ROYALE we all want and need?


Get My Revenge featured on a previous article about upcoming Asian movies I thought would be worth looking out for. As always, I be scouring the Asian box-office and new releases and picking out the cream of the crop.

Get My Revenge is based on the novel “Fukushu Shitai” by Yusuke Yamada.

The Battle Royale-type storyline tells the story of a new law implemented in Japan. If you lose your loved one at the hands of murderer and you’re not satisfied with the verdict the courts hand down, you can enter the Get My Revenge program. In this program you will get the chance to get your revenge on the person who took your most cherished loved one from you and made your life unbearable.

You get 18-hrs to kill your target, if you can not kill your target within the 18-hr time period then the murderer will be released and the charges will be dropped.

get my revenge

I had no idea the trailer had dropped for this movie. Just by chance I typed into YouTube to see if it was there, and there it was. I have to say that I am a little underwhelmed by the trailer but I am still eagerly looking forward to it.



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