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New Welsh-language cult revenge horror, The Feast was featured in a recent Moviehooker article on upcoming cult horror. Hey, it wasn’t a long list but The Feast was without a doubt my most anticipated film. I have read nothing but great reviews and I love the fact that it is filmed in the Welsh native language.

I am delighted to share with all the official press release from IFC Midnight. Horror fans! this is should be on your must-watch list!.


NEW YORK, NY (April 29, 2021) – IFC Midnight announced today that they are acquiring North American rights to the Welsh-language supernatural revenge horror The Feast, directed by BAFTA-winning television director Lee Haven Jones in his feature debut. IFC Midnight will release the film Thanksgiving 2021.

Directed by Jones and written and produced by Roger Williams, The Feast stars Annes Elwy, Nia Roberts, and Julian Lewis Jones alongside Sion Alun Davies, Steffan Cennydd, Rhodri Meilir, and Lisa Palfrey. The Feast was produced through Ffilm Cymru Wales’ Cinematic scheme and was funded by S4C, Ffilm Cymru Wales, BFI (using funds from the National Lottery) and Fields Park.

The film was produced in association with Melville Media Limited with support from Great Point Media.

Rooted in the potent mythical fables of Wales, The Feast unfolds over the course of a single evening as a wealthy family gathers at their lavish home in the Welsh mountains for a dinner party, hosting a local businessman and neighbouring farmer to broker a business deal to mine the surrounding countryside. When a mysterious young woman arrives to be their waitress for the evening, the family’s beliefs and values are challenged as her quiet yet disturbing presence begins to unravel their lives – slowly, deliberately, and with the most terrifying of consequences.

A slow-burn meditation on history and tradition, greed and responsibility, identity and difference, The Feast is a contemporary morality tale that questions who is truly meant to inherit the earth, permeated with a mounting sense of dread that leads to a horrifying, blood-soaked conclusion.

Filmed in the Welsh language, The Feast made its world premiere as a Midnighters entry at the 2021 SXSW Film Festival, with Jones’ meticulous composition and Annes Elwy’s eerie central performance catching the attention of U.S. and international critics alike.

In a review for Screen International, Nikki Baughan praised her lead performance as “beguiling”, writing, “Annes Elwy is quietly mesmerizing…in a role which utilizes little dialogue, Elwy plums Cadi’s surprising depths with a quiet intensity”. Reviewing for Variety, Jessica Kiang wrote, “The chilly control of Jones’ filmmaking, enhanced by the pristine, deadened soundscape and Samuel Sim’s intriguing, atmospheric score, keeps our attention squirming on the hook,” adding, “the direction is so confident and the craft so impeccable that The Feast, though built from few ingredients, fills you up like a three-course meal”.

Arianna Bocco President of IFC Films, said, “It’s hard to shake the sense of fear and apprehension that you feel while watching The Feast, a terrifying and twisted fable that will keep you on the very edge of your seat until the shocking, grand guignol-worthy finale. We’re so excited to work with Lee on his feature debut and can’t wait to share The Feast with horror audiences everywhere.”

Writer and Producer Roger Williams added, “I’m thrilled IFC Midnight will be serving up The Feast in the USA and Canada. I’m certain audiences across North America will be entertained and horrified in equal measure by our unique Welsh film which thanks to IFC Midnight will now find the widest audience possible.”

The deal for the film was negotiated by IFC Films President Arianna Bocco and Director of Acquisitions Aijah Keith with Bankside Films representing the filmmakers.

A release date has yet to be confirmed. I will up date the article when I receive the news. As always, thanks for reading

Article by GG
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker
Source: Official Press Release – IFC Midnight


Review For New French Shocker REVENGE

 Review for new bloody as hell French shocker REVENGE

It seems that I’ve been waiting years to catch REVENGE. Revenge is the new film from writer/director Coralie Fargeat. The story is as straightforward as a revenge movie can get.

Revenge,  follows a group of friends, and one of their mistresses. They’re all there for their yearly hunting trip…and some heavy partying.

After one night of drug and alcohol-induced partying, Jennifer (Matilda Lutz) gives one of the friends an erotic(ish) dance. She has no idea what waits in store for her the next day. When her boyfriend leaves to get some documents, she is raped by, Stan. Not only is she raped but Dimitri, the other friend does nothing and walks away.

Anyways, she ends up at the bottom of a cliff, impaled on a tree and left for dead. 

This all happened in the first 5-minutes and can be seen in the trailer of the film. What follows is a full-on Revenge masterpiece.

I had some issues with the story, but as far as complaining goes, I don’t have that many negative things to say.

I know in horror movies, we can bend reality a little bit to fuel the story. But, man, it’s impossible for someone to fall from a cliff of that height, get impaled on a tree and survive.

The other issue I had was that there is no way the human body has so much blood. There is mountains of it.

As for the graphic sexual violence, I thought it was done tastefully. Most of it is done off-camera. I say this because it seems like a cartoon if you’re going to compare it to Noe’s, Irreversible.

Once the revenge gets going, it doesn’t stop.

New Horror Movies REVENGE

The film has a total of 5  characters in it, and one character is only in it for a few seconds. Even with such a minimal cast, there is plenty to love about the blood and gore. Yes, it’s a little over-the-top, but man, the FX team really nailed the gruesomeness.

A great female lead, with an awesome supporting cast. Although not perfect, there is still so much to love about Revenge.



Newly Released Dark Dramas On Netflix You Got To Check Out

A list featuring some new dark drama movies that are available on Netflix

In the past week, I have published articles on French crime tv shows, also one featuring crime shows from Russia, Spain, and Finland. Now I want to concentrate on English-language dramas that have been recently added to Netflix. Of course, these dramas ain’t going to light-hearted, they’re all pretty bleak.


Dark Dramas On Netflix

Dark Dramas On Netflix

Robert Pattinson won me over with his superb performance in, Twilight…shit, I mean, The Rover.

I have said it before that Pattinson has successfully cleansed the stains of Twilight from his soul. If you haven’t checked out The Rover (also starring Guy Pearce), then stop what you’re doing and go check it out.

Good Time continues Robert Pattinson’s transcendence from teen heartthrob to an impressive actor focused on the much-smaller but amazing independent cinema scene. The man has earned my total respect, actually I am a real big fan of Pattinson’s acting.

Pattinson plays a man called Connie. At the start of the film, we see him burst into a room where his brother is having a psych session. He starts roaring at the psychologist when he sees a tear roll down his brother’s face. His brother has learning difficulties and a speech impediment (played brilliantly by Benny Safdie). Connie interrupts the session and tells his brother to grab his coat.

Connie then takes his brother, Nik to be part of a heist, that goes tits-up. That’s when the opening credits roll. We watch Connie as things go from bad to worse as he tries to stop his handicapped brother from going to prison.

Also starring Jennifer Jason Leigh who gave quite the performance.


Dark Dramas On Netflix

Dark Dramas On Netflix

I am sure you have all seen this by now but it would be a shame not to put it on the list. Not quite what I expected from a Jackie Chan movie but I mean that in a good way. Not only is he one of the best stuntmen in the world,  the man can act, and can do drama very well.

Jackie Chan plays a Chinese restaurant owner called Quan Ngoc Minh. When a bomb placed by the I.R.A detonates and kills his daughter, he goes into full throttle revenge mode. Quan will stop at nothing until he gets the names of the bombers and makes them pay for killing his only daughter.

Pierce Brosnan is Gerry Adams, and he has a decent Nordie accent (only his name is changed). Quan learns about his past history and connections with the I.R.A. Every attempt to make contact fails, so Quon takes matters into his own hands to avenge his daughter’s death.


Dark Dramas On Netflix

Dark Dramas On Netflix

I loved the first part (which is also on Netflix). I am aware that this will not be suited to everyone. Some people like found-footage, some people hate it; Me, I fucking love it…why? because it’s filmmaking stripped back to the bare minimum. People need to be on their game, acting needs to great and they need to have a story which requires them to be holding a camera for the duration of the movie. Creep 2 does this with ease, a great example of indie filmmaking and a solid entry into the found-footage sub-genre.

Our favourite Creep is on the hunt once again for someone to record him for 24-hours. He says it openly in the ad that he is a serial killer and he needs someone to record him while he goes on a murder spree.

This time it’s a woman called, Sara who answers. She runs her own YouTube channel and ain’t getting the views or subscribers she needs, so she reluctantly answers the ad.

Our Creep is impressed with her drive and determination for recording this documentary. It ain’t long before she realises that maybe she shouldn’t have answered the ad and that her hunger for YouTube stardom may mean the end of her life.


Dark Dramas On Netflix

Dark Dramas On Netflix

Spotlight is not an easy movie to watch, in fact, this could be one the scariest films ever made. A total abuse of power and robbing the innocence of children is one of the worst crimes I can think of.

The film focuses on the sexual abuse of children by the Catholic church. It follows a group of reporters who learn about the abuse and decide to break the story.

The further they delve into the claims, they realise that this was only the beginning, that the abuse goes much deeper.

Based on a horrific true story about the reporters from The Boston Globe. A well deserved Oscar for a flawless screenplay brought to life by amazing performances from each member of the cast.

A fantastic cast including Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams and Liev Schreiber.


Dark Dramas On Netflix

I was lucky enough to catch Super Dark Times when I was covering the great Fantasia Film Festival. It may not be super dark but it does have its moments. The film follows a group of foul-mouthed teenagers that thought that playing with a samurai sword would be loads of fun. Not the case, after an argument between two of the friends one of them gets stabbed in the throat.

Rather than doing the right thing by phoning the authorities, they make a very stupid decision to dispose of their dead friend.

Over time their minds become riddled with regret and guilt. The story focuses on how each of them deals with the accidental death of their friend. A great young cast and a different coming of age drama.


Dark Dramas On Netflix

Dark Dramas On Netflix

It makes me so proud to feature a film shot in my homeland of N.Ireland on this great list of movies. Bad Day For The Cut follows an Irish farmer called, Donal. When his mammy is bludgeoned to death, Donal and his trusty shotgun set out to get revenge.

There is a little bit of humour, but I found the funniest aspect of the movie was the soundtrack. Donal, the Irish farmer travelling around in a big van with a shotgun, out to get revenge for his mother’s death while listening to Irish country music.

This is a pretty hardcore revenge movie, yes, it’s low-budget but it’s wonderfully shot and acted.

Bad Day For The Cut is solid proof that the Irish are more than capable of delivering a revenge film that can proudly sit among the best in the sub-genre. The last Irish movie to have that effect on me was the low-budget Irish revenge movie, Darkness On The Edge Town.

That’s it, folks. I will be back soon with another list. If there’s any genre you’d like me to cover then hit me up on any of these social media channels. Hit me up so I can hook you up with the movies you didn’t know you needed in your life. 

As always, thanks for reading.


Trailer For Hardcore Female-Led French Shocker REVENGE

The trailer for Coralie Fargeat’s Revenge is here

Coralie Fargeat’s, Revenge has been high up on the watchlist since last year.

There hasn’t been much movement in the extreme French cinema genre. As you all know, at a time, the French dominated the extreme cinema scene. Now we’d be lucky to get two movies a year, and that’s just all sorts of wrong.

Hopefully now with the success of movies like Raw, Cold Ground and now, Revenge we will start to see a rise in French extreme cinema once again.

New Horror Movies REVENGE
You’ve got red on you.

At first glance, the trailer does seem to give away a lot of the plot details but I am sure there is way more to offer than what you’re about to see. The trailer shows, and quite graphically as well, why this movie is called Revenge.

The premise seems straightforward: a girl gets sexually assaulted by a gang of thugs while away on holidays. She is beaten, thrown off a cliff and presumed dead. Of course, she ain’t dead, though. In fact, what the thugs don’t know is that she is a hunting/survival expert. You can guess what follows…Revenge, brutal, bloody, Revenge.

From what I have read, the reviews seem to be outstanding. People are already comparing it to some of the best French extreme films out there like, Martyrs or Switchblade Romance (Haute Tension). Hearing those comparisons is enough to sell me a thousand times over.

Hope you enjoy the trailer. 

If you’re a fan of the genre movie, you should check out these other titles on Amazon. 

More information to follow as it’s announced. As always, thanks so much for reading.


Fantasia Festival 2017 Review: DARKLAND



Gary Gamble

Fantasia logo DARKLAND review

Darkland tells the story of Ziad (Dar Salim), a well-respected surgeon who migrated to Denmark from Iraq with his family. Life seems good, he has the luxury apartment, a great job, a wife and a child on the way. 

Ziad’s life changes forever when his younger brother arrives at his door, distressed, desperate and looking for cash. It would seem the brother looking for cash wasn’t an isolated incident. We get the impression that this a regular occurrence, (he is looking for 100k ), so Ziad turns him away. What Ziad didn’t know is that he unintentionally signed his younger brother’s death warrant. He was attacked outside Ziad’s upper-class apartment and beaten to death by a local immigrant gang.

Ziad and his family find little to no comfort in the authorities. Not only do the police seem racist, but they show no sympathy for the loss of life due to the activities the young brother was caught up in.

Ziad begins to ask questions.

He wants answers, he wants to find why his brother died. He delves into the underbelly of  Denmark revealing a dark, seedy and dangerous side to the city that he never knew existed. The further he goes down the rabbit hole, the further he detaches himself from his home and professional life. 

With zero help from the police, Ziad feels he is left with no choice but to avenge his brother’s death. In this new-found world of drugs, gangs, murder and prostitution, Ziad begins to hunt the scum of the city until he finds the ones responsible.

Darkland review Fantasia Film Festival 2017

DARKLAND works on so many levels. 


The guys who train him, know him and are reluctant at first. For reasons unknown, they try to talk Ziad out of training; maybe this is because he was some sort of animal with a violent past before becoming a surgeon?. I don’t think these questions are answered, but I would like to believe that he had some fighting experience, rather than seeing him learn to fight in the short sequences of the film.

The build-up to Ziad becoming this vigilante is frightening and the acting is remarkable. It’s all in the strong character development as we watch him throw away his professional life and slowly become the masked avenger. His guilt and obsession for justice have turned him into a  brutal force of reckoning. Ziad. is now hell-bent on avenging his younger brother’s death and destroying anyone who crosses his path.  The film quickly shifts from a gangland racial drama, into a dark and unsettling revenge tale.

Carrying the same artistic visual style as Nicolas Winding Refn films driven with a familiar, but strong revenge tale.

DARKLAND’s originality lies wrapped in the social commentary that deals with prominent issues in Denmark such as immigrant gangs, drugs, hatred + racism.


Words By Gary Gamble



Fantasia Film Festival Review: THE VILLAINESS

Fans of female led assassin movies such as “Kill Bill”, “Nikita”, should really pay attention to “The Villainess”.

Fantasia Festival 2017 Review

Fantasia logo Animals review

“The Villainess”

It has been a long time since we have seen anything quite this good with respect this area of the genre. South Korean action/thriller fans will be satisfied too because while it adopts many of the same characteristics as the previously mentioned films, it retains the South Korean intensity and level of violence that has been missing in recent years.

From the outset, we are treated to a captivatingly stylish mash-up of POV violence as our assassin makes her way down the hallway, in a scene that could’ve been lifted out of Oldboy or The Raid. Fountains of blood piss out of the gangster’s necks, up the walls and over the camera, each one falling victim to our currently faceless woman’s attacks.

At the end of this brutal opening scene, we see Sook-hee (played by Kim Ok-bin), staring directly into the camera, as I sat there aware in the knowledge that this movie has just made a hell of a statement, practically sick with excitement for what could come next. To give away too much of Jung Byung-gil’s movie would be criminal since most of what is intriguing about this is the sheer unpredictability of it all.

The Villainess Fantasia Festival2017 review


Sook-hee is taken after this brutal opening sequence, and takes on a life of a sleeper cell for the government, not before graduating from some bizarre assassin boarding school for girls. All the while we see the storyline jump back and forth with increased frequency between past and present day, somewhat confusing at first. Still, these offer harrowing glimpses as to why Sook-hee was carrying out those attacks, why she is able to fight how she does, and laying the foundations for the twists and turns throughout the final acts.

It’s this almost mythical story but based in reality, that ultimately manifests South Korean protagonists as unstoppable killing machines that I love so much. When it’s told correctly, it’s captivating cinema. The second half of the movie does fall a little short in places because while it is unpredictable, there are elements that could have been tightened up.

The multiple flashbacks do make it difficult to keep track of what timeline we are viewing, and the extended love story becomes tedious at times, in what could be perceived as a trite attempt to demonstrate the tired stereotype of “how emotional women get”.

The Villainess Fantasia Festival 2017 review

Our once self-assured and determined heroine is now unable to make a confident decision at all. The aim here I assume was to create an even greater emotional investment in Sook-hee, and while the payoff was one of pure horror, the route to it felt like a path of unnecessary drama.

I was already invested in the situation, the vengeance angle, the ambition to lead a normal life, but what materialised was something much more melodramatic. The violence is plentiful, skillfully choreographed and ranges from a sword fighting motorbike scene to an axe-wielding bus face-off. Similarly, the editing and cinematography support the intensity of these scenes with slick continual shots that get embedded into the action.

These are often contrasted with moments of juxtaposed symbolic beauty and brutality, such as carrying out a sniper attack in a wedding dress or engaging in a knife fight as a Geisha. Each of these sequences plays an important part in the story, it never feels like it’s just violence for the sake of it, no matter how over the top some of it is. Intense and nail-biting moments aplenty, these are the clear highlights of the movie.

Overall, Jung Byung-gil’s “The Villainess” is a good return to form for South Korean action-thrillers. While the storyline is simple yet told in an overly complicated way, it serves its purpose to form a solid foundation for this revenge movie. For the action sequences alone, this can rank very highly among some of South Korea’s classics, but you may find yourself zoning out during the soap opera style drama that occurs in the latter half of the film. Nevertheless, I found plenty to enjoy, and I hope this paves the way for more female-led fuck ‘em up movies – we need a lot more of these in our lives.


Words By Mark Blakeway




Trailer For Arnold Schwarzenegger Revenge Movie AFTERMATH

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in what could be his most serious role since MAGGIE

New revenge movie Aftermath has been mentioned on moviehooker before. The film was initially titled 478 – it’s a film I’ve been looking forward to for some time.

Based on true events, Aftermath tells the story of a husband/father (Arnold Schwarzenegger) who loses his wife and daughter in a tragic plane accident. The air-traffic controller was responsible for the crash. He gave conflicting orders which resulted in the collision of two Boeing 757’s.

Due to the outrage of the family members of the deceased, the air-traffic-controller is given a new identity and put into witness protection.

Arnold Schwarzeneggerfeels that the death of his loved ones was never justified, and no one has ever taken responsibility or shown the slightest bit of remorse.

He sets out to find the man responsible to make him pay and answer for what he has done.

The trailer does seem a bit full-on and seems to reveal quite a bit about the movie.  In the trailer, all we know is that Arnold Schwarzeneggerwants the man involved to apologise for what he has done. He wants him to look at a picture of his loved ones then look him in the eyes and say sorry.

Firstly, I would like to say that this will not be the case and it wouldn’t be much of a movie if all that Arnie was to do was spend two hours hunting some guy down, beating the FEDS, CIA. Then eventually, when he finds him, he just wants him to say sorry.

The film is based on a true story and the real case goes in different directions. I really don’t want to read any further into the case as I think it’ll spoil the entire plot. Just know that even though  the trailer seems to reveal quite a lot, there is much more to the story.

Aftermath is directed by Elliot Lester (Blitz), written by Javier Gullòn (writer of the superb Spanish cat & mouse thriller, King Of The Hill).

The film also stars Scott McNairy (Monsters, Argo), Kevin Zeggers (Transamerica, Fifty Dead Men Walking), Maggie Grace (Taken, Taken 2) and Hannah Ware  (Oldboy 2013,  Hitman: Agent 47).

Requiem For A Dream helmer, Darren Aronofsky will serve as producer for Aftermath.

Based on actual events of the Überlingen mid-air collision in 2002 – here is a little info on the crash from wiki

“On 1 July 2002, Bashkirian Airlines Flight 2937, a Tupolev TU-154 passenger jet; and DHL Flight 611, a Boeing 757 Cargo Jet; collided in mid-air over the southern German town of Überlingen at local time 21:35 CET. All 69 passengers and crew aboard the Tu-154 and the two crew members aboard the Boeing 757 were killed.”

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy the trailer.



Could GET MY REVENGE be the modern-day BATTLE ROYALE we all want and need?


Get My Revenge featured on a previous article about upcoming Asian movies I thought would be worth looking out for. As always, I be scouring the Asian box-office and new releases and picking out the cream of the crop.

Get My Revenge is based on the novel “Fukushu Shitai” by Yusuke Yamada.

The Battle Royale-type storyline tells the story of a new law implemented in Japan. If you lose your loved one at the hands of murderer and you’re not satisfied with the verdict the courts hand down, you can enter the Get My Revenge program. In this program you will get the chance to get your revenge on the person who took your most cherished loved one from you and made your life unbearable.

You get 18-hrs to kill your target, if you can not kill your target within the 18-hr time period then the murderer will be released and the charges will be dropped.

get my revenge

I had no idea the trailer had dropped for this movie. Just by chance I typed into YouTube to see if it was there, and there it was. I have to say that I am a little underwhelmed by the trailer but I am still eagerly looking forward to it.




New South Korean movies You Need To Know About

 A new list featuring some new titles coming out of South Korea 


As usual , we’ve got some films that you wont be forgetting about in a hurry …ENJOY. As for genres, we have some horror, crime, revenge, thrillers, and action…just about a little bit of everything.




A woman called, Soo-a gets violently abducted in broad daylight and locked away in a mental institution with no reason given.

She is held against her will ,force fed drugs, made to undergo horrible treatments, and mentally and physically abused.

Her only sanity comes from writing in a notebook about the horrific acts of abuse that she is forced to endure.

After a year passes, the notebook somehow finds its way to a TV broadcaster – he reads the torn and faded pages of the book and is horrified with what the woman had to go through and decides to look into the case, only to find that the woman is now in prison for murder.

The trailer looks impressive,  but it didn’t quite bring me the insanity that I thought I was gonna get from a S.Korean movie called Insane but it still looks damn impressive and it goes on the list.


imgres-1 THE WAILING

This is a film that has featured on the site before, actually , probably a few times, but there is solid reasoning behind why I am so obsessed with this movie. That reason is that its the new film from Na Jong Hin, one of men responsible for my crazy passion for South Korean cinema.

Anyways I have sort of avoided as much as I can about this movie, which is good because no matter what I read, or what trailer or teaser I watch, I have still no fucking idea what the film is going to be about.

I do know that its dark and has some sort of sickness spreading in a rural village – also looks like there could be a serial-killer on the loose, or maybe both, who knows?

The_Handmaiden_filmTHE HANDMAIDEN

Park Chan-Wook, revenge, lesbians ?- I think we’re sold already. The director of some of South Korea’s finest is back with, The Handmaiden.

The film just seemed to appear out of nowhere and it has already had its premiere in Cannes Film Festival, and as you can probably imagine, the reviews have been pretty solid so far.

According to Screen Daily, Park Chan-Wook’s latest feature has already got strong worldwide distribution with it reportedly getting sold to over 100 countries.


Korea, 1930s. Con man Count Fujiwara hires a pickpocket named Sook-hee to become the maid of the mysterious and fragile heiress Lady Hideko, in an attempt to seize her wealth. But the story takes a twist when the lady falls in love with her maid.


Missing You (film) poster.jpegMISSING YOU

A new revenge thriller that focuses on the daughter of a detective who was murdered by a serial-killer. After her father was murdered , the killer was arrested but was only found guilty of one murder. He received a 15 year sentence instead of life.

Her father’s partner is still gunning for a conviction and when the serial killer is released from prison  – the daughter and her father’s partner try to put a stop to him , before he kills again.

This film almost got away  – I thought it was a S.Korean, mushy love story. I am glad I gave it a another look though. I now have one more revenge movie for my new Korean revenge movie list, which will be written up in the coming week.




4 best friends decide to take a trip and plan a farewell party before one of them gets enlisted in the army. On the trip they rescue a woman who is getting viciously beaten by her husband. When the police arrive to the scene – the woman tells the cops a different story to what happened, which puts the 4 best friends in a situation that will change all of their lives forever.

Su saek

Su Saek is a new thriller/drama that focuses on 4 best friends who live is a poor area in Seoul. The area where they live is rundown and full of drugs and crime has been chosen for redevelopment and will host the 2002 world cup. The friendships are torn apart when one of them joins a gang of thugs to evict residents to make room to host the world cup.

Seems to be more of a drama than a thriller but we all know just how fast things can change in South Korean cinema.




Train To Busan

The live-action debut from Yeon Sang-ho , the animation director who grabbed our attention with The King Of Pigs The Fake, and more recently, Seoul Station (which will be playing at the year’s Fantasia International Film Festival).

Train to Busan is the live-action sequel to zombie animation movie called, Seoul Station with the voice actors reprising their roles in the flesh.

Reviews have been solid but it looks like it may not be the gore fest that we had hoped for – still, I haven’t read a bad word about it.

Been looking forward to seeing some South Korean zombie action. These two films have been on the watch-list for a while now. I only learned recently that the sequel would be a live-action and not animated. Seems like a fresh and unique approach to the overpopulated zombie genre, and reviews have been solid.

 OFFICIAL PLOT (asianwiki)

A disastrous virus hits South Korea. Passengers on a KTX train from Seoul to Busan struggle to survive.



the-priestsThe Priests

Something that I don’t think that has been featured on moviehooker before is a South Korean movie that focuses on demonic possession, but there is always a first time for everything.

I don’t think I have been satisfied by the South Korean horror genre – I mean , they make some of the most vicious serial-killer, disturbing dramas, and revenge movies that any movie fan could want. Yes, a lot of people would class most of those movies as horror, and I wouldn’t argue with that, but what I am on about is some sort of supernatural element, and I think S.K is lacking in that area.

This film has mixed reviews so it could go either way. I am still looking forward to it though

The story follows a priest who has to figure out if a young woman was attacked by the spawn of satan, or if she is a victim of molestation . He takes on the help of a younger priest to help him as all of the other priests




Review For New Irish Revenge Movie, Darkness On The Edge Of Town

The Brutal Murder Of A Loved One Sends A Young Sharpshooter On A Bloody Quest For Revenge.

Darkness On The Edge of Town Review

Darkness On The Edge Of Town is a revenge/drama/western written and directed by Patrick Ryan. The film was shot in the back-arse-of-nowhere in the west of Ireland.

I sat for the duration of the movie amazed at what I was seeing. We have a multi-layered story with great character development, direction, writing, and fantastic performances. The cinematography is beautifully eerie and haunting.

The film follows Cleo ( Emma Eliza Regan), a beautiful, young talented sharpshooter who lives in a rural part of West Ireland (The Shticks). She spends her days roaming the stunning landscapes, hunting whatever animals are unfortunate enough to pass by the cross-hairs of her rifle.

When her only sister is found dead with her throat slit in a public bathroom she sets out with her best friend, Robin (Emma Willis), to hunt down and execute the person responsible.

Darkness On The Edge Of Town offers us something fresh from what we usually see with revenge flicks. We know who the killer is from the beginning. This creates a completely different vibe that shifts the focus and the feel of the movie.
Cleo’s friend, Robin is a complete psychopath, but you also sympathise with her. Director, Ryan makes sure that we know about her character and her tragic upbringing. As the plot unfolds, we start to see more clearly why she is the way she is. She is a product of her own harsh upbringing.

Robin lives with her alcoholic mother (Clodagh Downing) and older brother, Virgil,(Brian Gleeson). Now because of Robin’s manipulation, Virgil becomes one of the suspects and slowly enters into the deadly, inescapable cross-hairs of Cleo Callahan.

The beautiful Irish backdrop plays a huge part in the story, Cinematographer, Tommy Fitzgerald’s work is something that needs to be recognised. It’s the first time I’ve seen a revenge movie offer so much on-screen presence and beauty while at the same time remaining bleak, brutal and original.


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