New European movies you need to know about

We are back with a new list of some weird European movies that’s coming your way soon. I have also added a couple at the bottom from 2020 that you may have missed. We hope you enjoy

In this list, we have some great new and new(ish) European movies from Iceland, France & Norway


The new film from Raw director/writer Julie Ducournau and also the winner of the Cannes Palme d’Or award. We reported about this film last week, as it should be high up on your watchlist.

Titane follows the extremely weird but gut-wrenchingly intense journey of Alexia, the survivor of a bad road accident. Due to her head injuries, she is given titanium implants. Years later, she works as an erotic dancer at car rallies. Don’t ask me how but she gets impregnated with one of the cars.

As weird as this sounds, do not be fooled. Titane is meant to be body horror at its finest.


Lamb is hands-down, one of the strangest films I have come across in a while. And who better to put this out there than A24. It looks to be the feature-length debut from Valdimar Jóhannsson who has primarily worked as an FX artist on movies like The Tomorrow War and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Oblivion.

This new Icelandic mind-fuck looks intriguing, unique and eerie. A couple who seem to have lost their only child become worryingly involved with a newborn Lamb, treating it the exact same way you would a baby human. It ain’t long before their friends start to become worried about their new Lambino. Madness ensues.

Starring Noomi Rapace, Hilmir Snær Guðnason and Björn Hlynur Haraldsson.

I think the trailer does a really good job at raising the wtf? metre. It left me with a smile. Lamb looks fantastic. Baaaaaaa!


The Innocents is a new sci-fi(ish) horror from Norway. We have an amazing cast that is mostly made up of kids of under-12s. The film is about a group of youngsters who find out they all have powers. Initially, I immediately thought of Chronicle, but in The Innconets, it looks like their powers are more telekinetic and telepathic rather than flying through the clouds and tearing down buildings.

Directed and written by Eskil Vogt, The Innocents recently played at years Cannes Film Festival. Stay tuned for more info on that one.

(no trailer available yet)


The uneasiness maestro is back with his latest film, Vortex which stars legendary Italian horror filmmaker Dario Argento. Noe and Argento are two names I would never have dreamed of seeing together in a movie but here we are!

This will mark Gasper Noe’s first-ever movie that will be suitable for all. Even with that rating, the story is still a heartbreaking one. A story that will touch a lot of people who are dealing with the same situation. The film is about the last days of a couple stricken by dementia.


Teddy was released in 2020 and was one of those European movies I had no idea it existed so I am glad I stumbled on it. It is a French werewolf horror-comedy, leaning toward the comedy side of things rather than full-on hairy horror. It is the directorial debut from brothers Ludovic and Zoran Boukherma and stars Anthony Bajon

When a bunch of mutilated sheep are found, the police are quick to put the blame on a dog. After a night out, Teddy is walking home and gets attacked by something in the woods. The next day he wakes up and removes a fingernail from the wound on his back. Teddy is about to undergo some terrifying changes.

This looks like a lot of fun. It looks super odd with a lot of deadpan, non-slapstick comedy. That’s just the type of humour that I love!.


The Swarm has a release date of 2020 but it looks like Netflix have bought the film and a trailer was released early in July. We could be seeing this one really soon.

The Swarm is a mysterious French Lovecraftian-style horror movie that revolves around a family who has a strange business: breeding locusts. Their business seems to be failing, the bills are piling up and tensions are at an all-time high. But just as they’re about to give up hope they find out that their little winged friends thrive when they are given a certain type of food…blood!

Yup, I am more than sold on this. Quite an original concept. I surely hope the family become slaves to the locusts and go on a murderous rampage to bring them fresh blood.

Well, that’s it for this new European movies list. I hope you have added a few of these for future viewing. As always, thanks for reading.

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