Review For New Irish Revenge Movie, Darkness On The Edge Of Town

The Brutal Murder Of A Loved One Sends A Young Sharpshooter On A Bloody Quest For Revenge. Darkness On The Edge of Town Review Darkness On The Edge Of Town is a revenge/drama/western written and directed by Patrick Ryan. The film was shot in the back-arse-of-nowhere in the west of Ireland. Continue Reading


Enter The Brutal World Of Mexico Barbaro

In the style of ABC’s Of Death and V/H/S,  – Mexico Barbaro takes 8 talented Mexican film-makers and gives them total freedom to make a short horror based on different types of Mexican legends. We have a bit of everything; blood, guts, sacrifices, zombies, and trolls. All beautifully compiled into Continue Reading

Oscilloscope Laboratories Unleashes Icelandic Thriller Brave Men’s Blood

Stylish Icelandic Thriller, Brave Men’s Blood Is Further Proof That Nordic Thrillers Are Among The Best In The World I went into Olaf de Fleur’s, Brave Men’s Blood not knowing anything about the story or what to expect. I found out after watching the movie that it was a sequel Continue Reading

An Ode To 70’s Euro-horror, We Are Still Here {Review}

We Are Still Here is heavily inspired by Lucio Fulci, Dario Argento and other 70’s Euro-horror, but mainly, Fulci and The House By The Cemetery. This is the type of horror that amazed me when I was young, the horror that ignited a burning life-long passion for the genre, and left Continue Reading

Review For New Spanish Horror Para Elisa (For Elisa)

Para Elisa is a new Spanish horror that will be released in cinemas and on VOD on September 1st via the awesome Dark Sky Films. The story follows, Ana (Ona Casamiquela), a college student who needs to earn some quick cash so she can go to an end of year Continue Reading

Fantasia Festival: Socialphobia [Review]

  Socialphobia is the debut feature from Hong Seok-jae who tackles the increasingly disturbing knock-on effects of social media abuse and cyberbullying in South Korea. In the early hours of the morning, the news for the day piles onto the social media feeds, with the top story being that of a soldier from the army having taken his Continue Reading

Big Significant Things – A Moviehooker Review

Craig Harrsion (Harry Lloyd, Game Of Thrones, Doctor Who,The Theory Of Everything) is about to make the big move to San Francisco with his fiance. She is already there and has started house-hunting for their first home. Everything seems to be getting very real, very fast and Lloyd needs to Continue Reading

The Midnight Swim – A Moviehooker Review

The Midnight Swim tells the story of 3 estranged sisters who all have to return to their lakeside family home. They have gather whatever belongings they have and decide if they are going to sell the house after the death of their mother Their mother became fascinated with the lake Continue Reading

Elimination Game – A Moviehooker Review

I have been a fan of director Jon Hewitt since I seen his impressive directorial début – Acolytes. Acolytes was an Australian serial-killer movie that starred Joel Edgerton. It was a clever story about a group of kids who skip school and stumble upon a serial-killer when he is disposing Continue Reading