Infinite Summer (2024): Info on new mind-bending sci-fi

Infinite Summer press release Fantasia -Moviehooker News

We have more exciting movie news for the great titles playing at this year’s Fantasia Film Festival. Next up, is Infinite Summer. Check out the press release below and let’s keep you all hooked up with the great stuff coming our way. Miguel Llansó’s Infinite Summer World Premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival Latest Feature from … Read more

The Coffee Table Review 2024: Dread-Fill Devastation

Coffee Table review - Moviehooker

The Coffee Table featured on a Moviehooker list written last year. It is not very often a poster that comes with the saying “A Cruel Film by”. That is what grabbed my attention. So, was it as cruel as the poster states? The Coffee Table is about a couple called Maria and Jesus who have … Read more

More New Horror Movies 2024

Faro - New Horror Movies 2024

We are hitting the ground running this year and are back with another list of new horror movies releasing in 2024. I can’t confirm that all of these will be great but here they are anyway, each to their own. That’s the beauty of film, it’s all subjective. I am a one-man-movie-machine on a mission … Read more

Moviehooker’s Most Anticipated Horror Movies For 2024

Infested Review new Spider Horror - Moviehooker

As 2023 comes to a close, I have decided to make a list of my most anticipated horror movies we will get to see in 2024. I hope you enjoy it. Yes, you will probably find a lot of these movies on other Moviehooker lists too. But these are my personal choices and the ones … Read more

New Horror Films 2024

Everyone Will Burn - New Horror Movies Moviehooker

I am taking a small break away from the Shudder (Part 4 Coming Soon) content to bring you another list of new horror movies coming your way in 2024 A new horror films list featuring some great upcoming and recently released titles. As always, I’ve a nice mix of genres so, hopefully something there for … Read more

Great Horror Films To Stream On Shudder Part 1

When Evil Lurks - Best Horror on Shudder - A Moviehooker List

I am back with a new list of the best horror films that you can currently stream on Shudder. Part 2 coming soon. A new list of the best horror films to stream on Shudder. Please note – some titles may vary as I am Shudder UK/Ireland. Most are Shudder original though so you should … Read more

New Dark Dramas, Thrillers, Action Films and Horror Movies 2023

Coffee Table - new movies A Moviehooker List

I am back again with another new list of films. This time I have very little horror (for a change) and I am focusing on some bleak hardcore dramas. Even though some of these aren’t labelled as horror, they are still very much horrific. We have quite a variety of new movies below. I am … Read more

When Evil Lurks: Who’s Ready For The Best Horror Of The Year?

When Evil Lurks Shudder Review - Moviehooker

DEMIAN RUGNA‘S HIGHLY ANTICIPATED HORROR WHEN EVIL LURKS HITS SHUDDER THIS FRIDAY. I WAS FKN BLOWN AWAY BY THIS FILM – 10/10 – CHECK OUT MY REVIEW BELOW Very Minor Spoilers in 1st paragraph After hearing gunshots from their home in the rural countryside, brothers, Pedro and Jimmy set out at sunrise to find out … Read more

New European Horror Movies Part 2 with Trailers

New European Horror Movies Megalomaniac Featured Image

We are back with another list with more new European horror movies. It seemed that the first list was too small so we’ve added more…and some awesome-sounding ones too. For part 1, just click this link! We have another fine mix of new European horror movies and hopefully something for everyone. From the supernatural to … Read more

Trailer and release info for Spanish serial killer film PIGGY

PRESENTS A FILM BY CARLOTA PEREDA  ____________________________________________________________________________  Magnet Releasing will release PIGGY exclusively at Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas on Friday, October 7 and in additional theaters and Video-On-Demandstarting Friday, October 14 PPRESENTS A FILM BY CARLOTA PEREDA ____________________________________________________________________________ PIGGY has been on the radar for quite some time. A film about an overweight girl who watches … Read more

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