DRINK THE GIRLS, SUCK THE BOYS: Info on new Derry-based gay vampire mockumentary SANGE

Sange is a new gay vampire mockumentary in the style of What We Do In The Shadows and Man Bites Dog.

Sange stars Emmet Friel as the narcissistic serial killer gay vampire. It is written by Gary Gamble (me) and the camera is operated by the wonderfully wonderful Manus McManus (not his real name…but it is now). It is pretty much directed by all three of us.

The project started a few days after we all started film school. We were tasked with coming up with an idea to shoot to show that we knew how to turn on and operate a camera.

I met Emmett who is an experienced actor. Over lunch, Emmet started to tell me a little bit about himself and told me he isn’t long back from a 6-year stint in Romania.

Anyways, the very next day I woke up with this idea in my head: A gay vampire that has just returned from Romania after finding out the Count Dracula he was in love with was just Gary Oldman in makeup. Then on my way to film school, I came up with the tagline “Drink The Girls, Suck The Boys” (I am super proud of that tagline). It started to write itself.

It was overly ambitious for what was needed to be done at school. We kept brainstorming and we both had ourselves in stitches, laughing at the crazy ideas we were coming up with. I remember thinking “if we are both laughing hysterically at these ideas…maybe others would too?”


Sange is a gay vampire with a rare fang dysfunction called Fangdenfail. After realising that the Count Dracula he was in love with was just Gary Oldman in makeup, he has moved from Romania back to his hometown of Derry. Now, Sange must try to adapt and mingle with the mortals.

Now, a new experimental drug called Fangdenhard made by a vampire chemist in Limavady has hit the streets. Fangdenhard acts sort of like a vampire viagra. Vampires are advised to only take one and “whatever you do, don’t double-drop!”

Sange has no choice but to drink bottled blood which is made especially for him in once a month in Muff…the vampire capital of Ireland. But when blood supply is short, Sange must go to extreme gruesome lengths to feed and satisfy his cravings.

FANGDENHARD: I designed these and a mate 3D printed them! They look amazing, right?

We have some scenes left to shoot in Muff which is going to be a lot of fun..for obvious reasons. I live beside Muff…so, of course, I wrote that Muff is the vampire capital of Ireland. No, actually…that wrote itself.

Then we have to bring in our brand new character, Josh Feratau. Josh Feratau is a vampire from Dublin that is obsessed with Vamploitation. He isn’t happy until has half-naked girls in roller-skates carrying uzis beside him.

Then after that folks, that is the first episode complete. We still have so much more content and ideas that we can’t wait to put out there and share with you all.


Sange poster designed by Nathan McCrossan
We released the first official trailer so you can get a taste of what’s to come. If you enjoy the trailer then please help me spread the word of Sange by sharing it with like-minded people!

As always, thanks for reading.

Words by Gary Gamble
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker


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