New European Films You NEED To Know About!

How about a list of new European movies? I think we have some great titles on the way. Have a read. Hope you enjoy!

I feel that I have left out Europe from any recent movie list. Of course, when I start one of my lists then I always end up biting off more than I can chew. This could be a 2 or 3-part article, there is so much greatness coming our way.

Let’s get to it! Here’s part one.


New European Movies BORDER

Country: Sweden

New European Movies

Border is the new film from director Ali Abbasi. I really wasn’t surprised to hear that this new thriller/fantasy is based on a book (SHORT NOVEL) by John Ajvide Lindqvist.

The last time one of Lindqvist’s novels was adapted for the screen, it took the pulsating neck of the movie-world and sunk its teeth into it. It was the remarkable, the astonishing, Let The Right One In. A movie, in my opinion, needs no introduction. One of the greatest vampire movies ever released, it’s that simple.

Like, Let The Right One In, Border focuses on the relationship of two outsiders called Tina and Vore.

Tina has the ability to sniff out guilt and she looks a little different from the rest of us. She works as a security guard, sniffing out smugglers or anyone guilty passing through.

At work, she meets Vore, a man with the same facial features as her (sort of lion-like). Vore is here to collect maggots and larvae, for what reason I am not sure but  I can’t wait to find out.

The less known about this film, the better. That’s what the reviews are stating so we will leave it there.


New European Movies GOLIATH

Country: Sweden

New European Movies

Set in a small working-class area somewhere in Sweden where social benefits and crime are the man source of income.

When the father of Kimmie has to go to prison, it is up to his son to take the reigns of his criminal organisation.

This small description alone sounds like this is something that’s definitely going to be worth checking out. I am looking forward to hearing more information about Goliath.


New European Movies The Guilty

Country: Denmark

New European Movies

The premise for this new Dutch-language movie, The Guilty sounds like a simple, yet effective plot.

An Alarm dispatcher and former police officer called Asger Holm answers an emergency call from a kidnapped woman. The call is disconnected without the victim disclosing her whereabouts.

Using his old police skills, he must do all that is in his power to find the kidnapper and the victim before it’s too late.

Directed and written by newcomer Gustav Möller. The Guilty was also a Sundance Festival award winner.


New European Movies WOMAN AT WAR

Country: Iceland

New European Movies

I have read a few reviews for Woman At War and they have all been solid. This may be more light-hearted than the other flicks on this list.

The story of a woman who wages war against an aluminium company who are slowly destroying the land where she grew up.

Every Icelandic movie I have ever seen has painted the country in such dark grey and bleakness. This is a strange combination as the scenery is still breathtaking, yet, equally as haunting.


New European Movies DOGMAN

Country: Italy/ France (Italian language)

New European Movies

Dogman has been popping up on my radar for about a month. I am glad I am able to get some info written down as I have the memory span of a goldfish.

The new film from the director of Gomorrah (feature film) Matteo Garrone. The film focuses on a dog groomer who gets caught up with a violent boxer who terrorises everyone in the neighbourhood they live in. Caught up in dealing coke and trying to care for his daughter

This could be my favourite on the list. The setting of these Italian features gives off a constant stench of desperation.

The rampant unemployment, the mafioso, drugs, murder, and run-down high-rise apartment blocks. Garrone also painted this picture of hopelessness so vividly and perfectly when he first released Gomorrah to the world.




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