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EXCLUSIVE: First Look @ Hodeløse Forviklinger / Headless Entanglement + Interview With Per-Ingvar Tomren

You may remember Per-Ingvar Tomren from the nasty ambitious B-movie slasher Christmas Cruelty (O’Hellige Jul). Made with practical fx, and starring Per-Ingvar himself CC really went for the jugular. So much so, I let an old friend take my signed copy home to watch. He texts me 5-minutes into the film, saying ‘dude, wtf did […]

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Trailer For Norwegian Black Metal Biopic LORDS OF CHAOS

The trailer for Norwegian black metal biopic Lords Of chaos starring Rory Culkin has arrived. Lords Of Chaos has been high up on the watch-list since it played at last year’s excellent Fantasia International Film Festival. It follows the crazy, real-life antics of Norwegian black metal band, Mayhem. I am not a fan of black metal, […]

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COLD PURSUIT: Liam Neeson Takes On A Drug Cartel With A Snowplough

Didn’t Liam Neeson recently say that he was done with action movies? Well, he’s back with COLD PURSUIT When it comes to action movies, Northern Ireland born actor Liam Neeson has quite the resume. The only problem is, at this stage, most of anything he does is just generic tripe. The first Taken was a […]

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New European Films You NEED To Know About!

How about a list of new European movies? I think we have some great titles on the way. Have a read. Hope you enjoy! I feel that I have left out Europe from any recent movie list. Of course, when I start one of my lists then I always end up biting off more than […]

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Rory Culkin Norwegian Black Metal: LORDS OF CHAOS To Play @ Fantasia

Lords Of Chaos – Norwegian black metal – Fantasia Film Festival – need I say more? Montreal’s long-running Fantasia International Film Festival announced earlier today that its “TBA Screening”, an annual tradition in which one hotly-anticipated film screened at the end of the festival, which is not announced until shortly before it premieres, will be […]

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10 New Non-English Horror/Sci-Fi Movies To Hook You Up With (2017)

10 new non-English-language horror movies coming our way soon. There may be a lack in American or English-language horror movies but we have yet to witness some great Foreign horror. Hopefully, there will something in this list for everyone, I hope you enjoy.   VampyrVidar Country: Norway New vampire horror/comedy from Norway. Trailer looks to […]

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7 Directors, Their First Independent Non-English Feature, And Their English Language Debut

Usually with mainstream Hollywood cinema, it is hit-&-miss and we don’t get a lot of originality. Everything seems to be some sort of remake, revamp, or regurgitation in some shape or form. But some of the directors who are now dishing out some of the best best films started of with non-English language features. I […]

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Fantasia Festival: Børning [Review]

  It’s a shame now that any film about cars gets lumped in with Fast & Furious (even of their own accord, and via a play on words) rather than Bullit or Cannonball Run, but for the purposes of selling the movie to the general public I can see why they have done it. In […]

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Trailer For Bølgen (The Wave) Norway’s First Disaster Movie

Although the premise for this movie sounds just like the rest of the disaster movies out there. A geologist looses his family just before a giant freak wave is about to hit a coastal town in Norway. He must overcome overwhelming odds to reach his family and get them to safety. I can guarantee you […]

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Christmas Cruelty – A Moviehooker Review

Firstly I’d like to explain a little bit about the movie, this is a low-budget independent feature made by a handful of people in a small rural town in Norway. Just so you can get to know who these guys are – here is a sort of Bio from the official press release from Christmas […]