Fantasia Festival 2020 Review: Sleep

First up for our Fantasia Film Festival coverage is a German film, Sleep.

Mona (Gro Swantje Kohlhof)┬áis deeply worried about her mother, Marlene (Sandra Huller). She doesn’t know if her Sleep condition is just her vivid imagination or some sort of undiagnosed illness.

Mona’s mother works as a flight attendant. They have a strong mother and daughter bond, but Marlene’s nightmares have got worse. She dreams of the same people, the same places and she battles the same, horrible nightmarish things when asleep. She has been doing rough sketches trying to piece together and make some sense of these reoccurring nightmares.

On a routine stay-over in Istanbul, Marlene has a severe episode after recognising the people on the wall photos of the hotel she is staying at. Unable to cope, her body shuts down leaving her in some sort of sleep paralysis limbo.

Mona decides to get the next available flight to be at her mother’s bedside. She books a room in the same hotel hoping to find out a bit more about what happened to her mother. On arrival, she starts to recognise that her mother may be telling the truth. There is truth in her nightmares.

The hotel is run by two odd, but seemingly nice people. It starts to take a turn when we see the owners of the hotel getting changed for bed. Everything is as it seems, an elderly couple in pyjamas about to tuck each other in and say goodnight. Then we realise that the husband has to to physically restrained before Sleep. That’s when things start to get eerie and just weird.

Sleep was a completely different film than what I expected. A film that leaves you thinking for a long time after viewing. Without giving too much away, we are all plagued by nightmarish visions, especially when we are asleep. But these nightmares, fictional or not, all stem from somewhere…or something. Sleep deals with a past that still haunts and a present that some don’t want to forget.

The acting was fantastic from all of the cast with some beautiful, yet fucked up dreamy visuals. When the credits roll you’ll be thinking of Sleep for some time after.

As always, thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more Fantasia Film Festival 2020 coverage here on Moviehooker.

Article by GG
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker


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