Behind The Scenes Photos From THE MONSTER SQUAD And Exciting Interview News

The Monster Squad is never too far away from my thoughts. A film that is loved and adored by every horror fan.

The year was 1987 and a young screenwriter called Shane Black is about to have his first script adapted into a feature film. That film was The Monster Squad; a movie about a bunch of kids in the suburbs of a small town in the US-of-A who must fight Dracula and his gang of monsters. Although the film wasn’t the box-office success it should have been — it has become a much-loved cult classic and its fanbase is stronger than ever.

Not only is The Monster Squad one of the best monster movies about but it is also a movie that has aged really well. I also think it is suitable for pretty much all of the family and should be, without a doubt every kid’s first introduction to the horror genre.

I started this post two days ago but due to work commitment (Xmas time in movie retail), I am only getting it finished now. Things have been quiet on moviehooker of late and I am only able to update my social media accounts with movie news. All will be back to normal business in the next week or two when I am finished hooking you all up with your new DVD and Blu-rays for you to open on Crimbo morning.

Now, here is the crazy thing. I found actor Ryan Lambert (who played Rudy,  the coolest freaking vampire slayer in the history of vampire slayers) on Twitter and he has agreed to an interview with myself. I will be spending the next few days trying to come up with some awesome questions to find out what it was like on-set of The Monster Squad, and playing one of the most iconic characters in horror history.


 Here are some photos from the set of the amazing MONSTER SQUAD that clearly shows actors Arnold Schwarzenegger and also Michael Douglas…WTF?

(found these on Reddit, obviously not my own content).

ms1 ms2 ms3 ms5 ms7



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