SANGE: Comin’ Out Of The Coffin

How about a little episode of Sange for you all to enjoy? in this episode, Derry’s very own gay vampire takes us on a tour of his horror movie-themed haunted house.

Are you a fan of movies like Annabelle? well, tough, Sange ain’t…and he isn’t afraid to tell us. But, that didn’t stop him from building this horror movie-themed haunted house.

Built at a secret location in a run-down industrial estate in the City of Derry, Sange has built a homemade interactive haunted house. Although he says he is “just doing his bit for the community“, not long after we shot this, the place closed down due to the disappearance of 3 young women – who also so happened to be “single mammies” – two words we have heard Sange say multiple times since he has moved back from Romania “oh, how I love Derry and all the single mammies”.

Take a tour with us and laugh and cringe your way through the halls of this horror movie-themed house.

At the end of this terrifying tour, Sange almost lets slip that there is a new vampire wonder-drug called Fangdenhard. After a little bit of convincing, we were able to find out some information on this viagra-like wonder drug for vampires who suffers from Fangdenfail (limp fangs). Still very much in the testing phase, Sange has promised us full unprecedented access as he tries this new drug to get his fangs back….even if it is only temporary. The last we heard, Sange is “not in hiding” and is just visiting his friend Mandy in Muff, Co Donegal. He will be in touch soon, he loves the camera and attention…even if it will be his own idiotic, careless downfall.

Sange is written by Gary Gamble and Emmet Freil and stars Emmet as Sange. The camera operated by Manus McManus. It is directed by Gary, Emmett and Manus.

Hope you enjoy this as much as we did shooting it.


As always, thanks for reading.


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