What Keeps You Alive Review: Another Successful Female-Led Serial Killer Flick From Canada

Review: New Canadian female-led serial killer flick What Keeps You Alive

What Keeps You Alive is a new psycho-thriller, female-led serial killer flick from Canada.

It was only last year I was mentioning that we had a shortage of female serial killer films. Now, since then I have written about two of them, both great, and both Canadian. I think it is safe to say that Canada is leading the race when it comes to this exciting new twist in the sub-genre.

The first movie I reviewed was a film called Poor AgnesIt was a terrific film, low-budget, but still got under your skin. There is just something unsettling about a beautiful lead that’s also a twisted psychopathic killer. You don’t know if you should love her or be in disgust..or maybe both?: what sort of twisted individual would that make you?

What Keeps You Alive Review
Trippy as hell scene from WHAT KEEPS YOU ALIVE

So, what’s, What Keeps You Alive About?

The story focuses on two lovers (Jackie and Jules) who decide to go to a family owned house in the country. When the two arrive, Jules (Brittany Allen) immediately notices a change in Jackie’s (Hannah Emily Anderson) behaviour. As their romantic getaway progresses we start to see anger and aggression consume Jackie. As her secretive dark past starts to come to light, Jules starts to see Jackie as she is really is, a mentally unstable and vicious murderer.

In certain scenes, What Keeps You Alive was a tense bit of work. Our two leads nailed their roles with two believable and well-played characters. There were a few moments when I thought, “if that was me, I would grab that mounted moose-head on the wall and break her head open and run for the hills“. As far as complaints go, there wasn’t many.

The film is directed by Collin Minahan who gave us the impressive Grave Encounters and the equally impressive zombie filmIt Stains The Sands Red. What Keeps You Alive maintains Minahan as one of the most promising indie directors working today.

Not without its faults but What Keeps You Alive is a tense and unpredictable watch with some inventive kills. Our pernicious protagonist is just as scary as any other serial killer we have seen on screen.

Another fine example of independent cinema done right. Definitely makes for a good double-bill with Poor Agnes.


Words by Gary Gamble

Found/Owner @ Moviehooker

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